The world is flat again. With the advanced technology we are all connected. If there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world, five minutes later everyone on the planet knows and starts taking action. We are able to gain more knowledge of the people and various cultures than we ever have in the history of humanity, and yet, we remain ignorant and scared. Why? Even the most advanced of our countries are having trouble adapting to our flat world. Unfortunately, a flat world seems to be a shallow world as well. Now of course, being so closely connected takes some time to adjust to. It's like getting new roommates or moving to a new city. There are a lot of new people and everyone will have their own way of doing things. But how do you adjust to living so closely with with new people? You learn about each other and compromise. Our economies are now connected, our cultures are merging, our wars and our suffering are beginning to affect everyone, not just those directly involved. In all this movement and change people are beginning to panic. They are closing off their countries, only accepting the majorities and turning away from the minorities making them the "others" so that their different ways are unable to merge and their voices aren't heard. The world is scared. So, what can we do? Education is key. Everyone, every country, every people need to study the world we live in. We are all on the same playing field now. It is our world. All of our world. And the world is flat, so we better get used to it now. We won't be getting any more distant any time soon. What we do affects us all.

Published by K. J. Cordova