As we head towards The MEO / Rip Curl Pro in Portugal, which is due to kick off from October 20th, 2017 to October 31st, 2017. There are currently 8 surfers on The Men's World Surf League Championship Tour which currently have a chance at winning this year's 2017 World Title Championship.

The event in Portugal which is due to start, could very well decide this year's WSL Title.

Men's Current World Surf League Leaderboard After The Quicksilver Pro - France.

1. John John Florence, Hawaii, 49,900 points.

2. Jordy Smith, South Africa, 47,600 points.

3. Gabriel Medina, Brazil, 40, 750 points.

4. Owen Wright, Australia, 39,850 points.

5. Matt Wilkinson, Australia, 38, 200 points.

6. Julian Wilson, Australia, 37,700 points.

7. Adriano de Souza, Brazil, 36,600 points.

8. Filipe Toledo, Brazil, 34,950 points.

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