Museums are the most exhilarating place where you will find something that is not from your time and age or something that tells a story. When you are traveling to a strange place, you should make your visit to the museums over there, in order to know the place in a much better way. With our best travel blogging, we have come up with the list of the world’s greatest museums.

However, these are the greatest museums across the world. They showcase some of the most influential artifacts. Make sure to visit at least one of them in your lifetime.

1) Louvre, Paris

Most of you have heard of Mona Lisa, it’s the most influential work of art by the infamous Leonardo Da Vinci, but there are numerous other artifacts from Egypt, Greece, Asia, and Rome that make your visit more exciting.

2) The British Museum

The British Museum is among the largest of all with more eight million artifacts. We recommend you to visit Egypt gallery to witness the most fascinating civilization. Visit room 4 and witness sculptures, artifacts of 3000 years old ancient Egypt.

3) The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

This could be the largest collection of paintings across the world; even one whole day is not enough to cover the entire museum. Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Rafael are some of the most notable artists to consider.

4) Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

One of the most important attractions of the capital Cario, this museum unfolds the mysterious history of ancient Egypt civilization. Watch the real Egyptian mummies, artworks and prolong history of the civilization. Numerous travel bloggers have shared their experience with this museum and the city Cario, if you are planning a trip over there, make sure to check them out.

5) The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This one showcases the artwork from 5000 years old civilizations to the modern contemporary. With more than 7 million visitors yearly, the MET is the third most visited museum of arts and fifth most visited museum of any kind.

6) Museo Nacional Del Prado

Being situated at the center of Madrid, without doubt, this museum is considered as the finest collection of European art, from 12th century to 20th century. The artwork in the Pardo Museum tells the history of Spain, you will find a complete collection of some of the renowned artists.

7) Acropolis Museum

Athens itself is a place of historical artifacts. Its prolonging history is the main curriculum in several Universities across the globe. This museum presents a glimpse of those days, though most of the Athenian artworks are brought to London in the British Museum. Moreover, the building is also impressively designed to worth your visit.

The bottom lines

These are some of the museums with the best collections of artifacts. If you are planning or already purchased a tour package, make sure to have a museum in your itinerary.

Published by Kate Westall