'Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your bookshelf, 10 more horrendously hilarious stories about the absolute worst children ever! From ten-year old Hank and his endless pranks on his poor, long-suffering family, to Tandy and her titanic tantrums – this brand new collection is the perfect companion to World's Worst Children books 1 and 2 and an ideal gift for the worst children in your life!'

I loved this book.

This wonderful books is a collection of the most horrid boys and girls in the world. Not only will you get to read about these horrendously horrible children, the stories are brough to live by the hilariously gruesome illustrations of Tony Ross.

The partnership of David Walliams and Tony Ross is one for the ages. David's witty words are perfectly complimented by Tony's wonderful illustrations. It really is the perfect collaboration.

I loved David Walliam's books and I was over the moon when I heard we were getting another World's Worst Children Book. I am so excited to have finally read it and added it to my Walliams collection.

I honestly don't know how David comes up with these characters but I am grateful that he does. The tales in this book are not only incredibly funny but they all have an underlying message for young readers with lessons to be learned.

This book is the perfect book for all young readers and for readers who are young at heart. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this book and I cant wait to see what David Walliams comes up with next.

The World's Worst Children 3 by David Walliams is an absolute must have for all young readers.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker