'Think your teachers are bad? Wait till you meet this lot. These ten tales of the world's most splendidly sinister teachers will have you running for the school gates. Dr Dread teaches science and is half man, half monster… Watch out for the ghastly Miss Seethe. She is ALWAYS furious – and she's on a detention rampage. And as for Mr Phobe, he's a teacher with a real difference. He is bone-shakingly terrified of… children!'

I loved this book.

I am huge fan of David Walliams' books, I was so exited to get my hand on this book. I had high hopes for this book and as expected; it didn't disappoint.

I started and finished this book with a smile on my face, and I had more then a few genuine laugh out loud moments.

This collection was absolutely perfect. It was such a joy to flip the coin and read about The World's Worst Teachers instead of the World's Worst Children, and in my opinion the Teachers are so much worse than the Children.

These amazing stories were illustrated by the fabulous Tony Ross, adding an extra dimension to David Walliams' fantastic stories.

This awesome pairing of David Walliams and Tony Ross is a match made in literary Heaven.

It isn't hard to see why David Walliams' books so popular, and I can easily see this one becoming a fast favourite of many young readers.

The World's Worst Teachers by David Walliams is a must have for all young readers and their families.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker