One of the most interesting things that exists in this world is the concept of time. Time is always flowing and cannot ever be controlled no matter how powerful someone may seem to be. We all run on a specific and unique clock that is different from anyone else in the world and the only thing that we can truly expect in our life is that clock inevitably counting down to zero. This sense of understanding is what we refer to as our personal timeline. Time is a priceless resource that we only have so much of. Unlike money or resources found within the world that can be replenished in some way shape or form, our own resource of time is both limited and finite. We cannot create more time and although we can delay the effects of death we cannot permanently halt it.

 Our bodies were designed in such a way that we last an incredible amount of time on the world compared to many other creatures. Most common household pets have a lifespan of about ten or so years where we can range anywhere from seventy to eighty on average. Does this mean we should take time for granted? No. Our death clock is invisible to the naked eye and we have no understanding of when and how death will inevitably come to finish us off which is why a very old, yet helpful saying is spoken. "Live in the now, live for the moment and do not worry for the future." This saying is extremely important for those who wish to live a fulfilling life. If all you ever do is worry about the future and never try to live for the moment then what is life but a waste of time? If your living waiting for a moment to come you are essentially wasting your time away which could be put towards something important. Never think that you are not wasting time when your not doing anything because you are. Time cannot be chosen when to be used or controlled, it will always constantly be taken away from you from birth until death.

 There is no advice that can be said more than the quote above. Time is both a friend as well as an enemy and those who cannot learn from it will only fail in their endeavors to try and master it. This piece will be short because there is both not much and too much to say on this very particular topic. Those reading this, close your eyes for a moment and think what you would do if you knew what your exact death time and date would be. Would you try to avoid it knowing its inevitable and worry until that time comes about it? Or will you simply let it go and live life for now for what its truly worth.

Published by Yukine Alterma