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Normally, it’s the wrong side of the bed or the wrong side of a love song (Melanie Fiona sang that). But have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the day?

If you have sleep problems or like me eat really late at night sometimes then you can wake up on the wrong side of the day, which are the early mornings of the day where no one is awake unless they are hours forward or hours behind. It’s only ‘wrong’ to be awake then if you have nothing to do or no one to talk to. Even if a bad dream woke you up (which is why I’m writing this), you ought to try and fall back asleep or do something with this time.

You know you best, so what kinds of things can you do to be productive since all your friends are parents, students or abroad working? Here’s a relatively short list of things I’ve done and have stuck to.

  1. Watch some TV on your tablet! I think you may as well catch up on that missed episode, or watch the documentary you were told about. I’m currently on season 1 of Justice League the cartoon and am enjoying watching it during my day when there’s a comfortable 20 minutes to past. TV can help you fall back asleep if your mind isn’t into it.
  2. Sharpen your skills. If you’re a painter, then read up on that new set of acrylics you’re thinking about. If you’re a photographer, check the latest developments in your camera world. Research on your area of interest or career and practice professionalism by knowing more about a particular product, service or concept.
  3. Talk to your friends in different time zones. Reconnect or stay on top of your relationships by saying hey, what are you to these days? Keep those distant networks alive and flourishing, especially if you’re up in the early hours often enough.
  4. Read. I tend to read one more chapter of a financial book, or a book about Grammar in English or teaching as I’m an English foreign language teacher.
  5. Lastly look for a new skill or hobby you can take up. I think in Dec/Jan 2016 when I really couldn’t sleep I found out about shooting and joining the gun range nearest to my house in England. This was fruitful as I got into it and love shooting safely on a registered site. It’s something I enjoy and gives me peace, but it also meant that I’ve learnt a little more than the average Joe on shooting and gun laws in a few countries.

So when you’re up again on the wrong side of the day, try these or go bake a cake and send me a picture of said midnight cake! Haha. There is no wrong time to be productive, unless you’re in  relationship and are trying to register for another engineering conference while your spouse is trying to initiate coitus! Let’s be sensible, and not be that silly guy or gal please. But let’s use our time wisely if we’re one of those people that sleep alone. IF you have a partner and they’re good with spontaneity then DO practice various forms of SPONTANEOUS actions they would adore if you were to wake them at 2:32 am.

Thank you🙂

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