With every New Year comes a sudden urge to make changes, try harder in certain elements of your life, make commitments to improve and put together plans for the future.

I am certainly no different where this is concerned and have already started to plan my fitness and food regime ready for the new year.dietplan I have been guilty since taking part in the recent boxing match of choosing less wisely where food is concerned. I think its OK though because I have deserved a treat, haven’t I? I could also add that its Christmas and if you cant indulge during this time then when can you right?

Anyway, the New Year brings with it a sense of starting a fresh, and quite often we look to make improvements and make commitments to make changes. So this got me thinking, I have never written a Bucket list. Well, of course i have things i want to achieve, places i want to go and things i want do etc but i have never actually written something down. I feel by doing this it sort of cements the commitment to get them done. I do lists at work everyday pretty much and feel a sense of achievement when crossing each task off as i go.

So why shouldn’t this be the same i ask myself?

With this new found mindset, i have decided to take the time to write down my so called “Bucket List” Essentially a list of things I want to achieve before i am unable to get them done. I don’t necessarily like to think of it as its written… i don’t plan on kicking the proverbial bucket just yet but i do think it would be nice to achieve these goals before my body refrains me from doing so.

I will take the time to think about this seriously, make a list and post them on here once I am happy with it. Then it will be out there to review as time goes on.

I am feeling rather excited about what lies ahead – the ideas for the list already buzzing around my head.

What does your list have on it? comment and share alike

Published by Chris Wright