Basically in the last 2 years the make up products were all about liquid lipsticks or contouring kits. Today, I will talk about liquid lipsticks.

About Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Lime Crime and Anastasia’s liquid lipsticks people went crazy. Now everyone is obsessed with the Kylie Lip Kits and it’s a blast when they are back in stock. I ordered Posie K and Kourt K. I can’t wait for them to arrive and to see how good or bad they are. I saw a lot of reviews on YT about them but I want to have my own opinion.

Anastasia had its celeb moment almost a year ago. Every girl you’d seen then on Instagram had an Anastasia liquid lipstick. And I have one too.😀

So, about Anastasia’s liquid lipstick I can give to you my own opinion.

I have it in the shade VAMP. A very beautiful shade of brown. So, this liquid lipstick is one of the best ever. Why? Just let me give you an exemple: I tried to remove it after I tested it on my hand and nothing came off. I tried 3 times pressing with a tissue and nothing. My hand was actually red in the place were the liquid lipstick was applied after I remove it. And on the lips, oh man, if you apply it and you have a mistake you are basically dead if it dries…. It dries pretty fast. You can eat, drink and nothing will come off. When I wanted to remove it after 4 hours I think tried doing this for like 10 mins. My lips hurt 3 days after that. I have nothing to complain about anyway. I will buy it again. (I ordered one again in the shade BLUSH, I hope that this will be as good as VAMP.)

The 3rd liquid lipsticks I had in my mind for a while were the ones from Lime Crime. So one day I ordered Cashmere from the Velvetines Collection.

Basically, this Cashmere liquid lipstick from Lime Crime Velvetine’s collection is the best liquid lipstick I had ever tried! In the day I took that photo I applied it at 2 PM and I arrieved home at 1 AM and the lipstick was still intact. I only removed it because I had to remove my make up too. Another reason I didn’t had. It’s not transfering at all, but the only problem is that it starts to be itchy at some point. I wear it now when I write and this is how it feels. I’d buy another again for sure.

And about Jeffree Star I can say that I want one so bad, especially POSH SPICE. I hope I’ll order one pretty soon.



Published by Danielle MSH