Few days ago I decided to buy a book. So I went to the bookshop, having no idea what kind  of book I wanted to buy, but I was sure I wanted to read a book in Spanish. Why in Spanish? Well, to be honest I love Spain and I love everything about it. Unfortunately Spanish is not one of the languages I know well but I started to study it few months ago (well study, I just listen to Spanish music and Spanish radio quite every morning and I try to read as many things, like news or articles, as much as possible) and to be honest I really improved it a lot. Well, actually I already was able to understand something or to say something but now I do it much better. So I decided to challenge my knowledge in Spanish by reading my first book. 

You won't find too many books in Spanish in Italian bookshops and I started getting disappointed in not finding anything that I could enjoy reading. To be honest I'm not one of those who LOVE reading unless it's something that could really involve my mind. To better explain it, I don't like reading random books. I can start to read something but if its content doesn't make me feel excited to turn the page I'll find million of excuses not to continue reading it.

So, trying to find a good book, one particularly captured my attention. Maybe it was for its color (bright yellow) or maybe for the two well known words on it, "Best Seller", but I took it and started reading its back cover. It wasn't  about a story like others, it was something new, something touching but also very inspiring. And I decided to buy it.

You know the feeling when you buy something new, whatever it is, a car or just a pen, you are just looking forward to trying it. I got that sensation. Sometimes you may get disappointed and other times it may turn into the best experience of your life. So I started to read it directly on my way back home because I was curious and excited to find out what it was about. I was surprised because I could understand quite everything. Although some words were new for me, the meaning was more than clear. It's impossible to understand every single word in a language that is not yours. Even in a mother-tongue one can find a word he never heard before. So to me, either the book was really easy to read or I underestimated my knowledge in Spanish. It was both and I was really happy.

Well, I really recommend it to you. I'm not going to tell you the story  but I'll tell you more about it in general in my next post. Meanwhile you can find the book in your local bookshop, if you're lucky and decide whether to read it or not. Maybe you'll buy it, or maybe you don't like stories like that, but I assure you, it's worth your time. It's easy, relaxing, involving... You won't regret.

The book is also available in English on Amazon.

Soon I'll post some quotes I really like. 

Let me know if you decided to read it, ask me anything or you can share your impressions if you already read it.

Yours truly,


Published by Andriana Burac