Caption: When I was 18 thinking I'd be leaving college, honey blonde, amazed at being in Disney World, ate men sized plates, wanting to be an educational psychologist by graduating Aston uni, getting certified and going onto my doctorate at 23 while living in a big penthouse in Brum. Marriage and children were not a thought then, amazing how things change and how my dreams evolved? Good goals though!

I've been slowly cleaning up parts of my blog and trying to create order, but when you get through one layer there's another layer you can see that could do with a shine. I should've read more about blogging and tags in the beginning and not 5 years later. I should've probably written less transparent pieces as now I refer to blogging at work and I think, "NO, do not try and Google it. Kirah ABORT this conversation now!" I guess blogging did gives access to an online journal and life stage analyzing of sorts.

But this one is more for you, the reader, than it is for me, the writer.

Do you ever reflect back and think about how clever you were in certain areas? That you had more sense with money at 19 and had a handle on what you wanted to be at 21? Then at 26, you're looking back like where had the money head gone, the vision for success and life path disappeared to? I mean, what has happened so much in life, that so many good principles and grounds have changed?

Life happened.

You made more money and understood that poverty was not what you wanted and a bigger idea of a salary is what should suit your lifestyle. You got into a bit of university debt, bought a car on finance, bought your house furniture for a pretty good deal with 0% interest for 3 years (I'm not knocking such smart deals btw) and you probably spend more the more your salary increases.

People don't tend to have written records of their life stages to see how they've developed or how they have achieved their goals. If they have goals that is, they are written down on separate pieces of paper from every random  moment they've been reminded to write them down. Now I suggest you start writing goals every year around your birthday and write a summary on the previous year of life. Keep it in one book. If you're married have a separate marriage book, where you update it a few weeks before your anniversary. Realistically you should probably do it 3 times a year to keep on track of your marriage goals and how you both want to grow and allow yourselves to be a ministry for the kingdom (church folk will understand this line).

I've always written so I can kind of keep on track of my emotions. But who I am as a person is riddled through this blog so I see where my head was at from 18 until now.

Back to you, seriously sit down and think of how you were at 18, 21, 25 and now. I'm sure you were pretty clever and had simple ideas on certain things that over time they became complex because life didn't allow for it. Well you didn't allow for it and didn't trust your younger sensible self to create the finer details to suit your current life stage. If you weren't a clever clogs, think of what principles then could have helped you now, then start them. I believe in people and I'm sure, you could talk to yourself now with your younger mind frame and fix certain areas in your life. For example, at 18/19 I had a pretty good savings plan, at 23 I don't even do it even though I believe in saving. My principle then was simple: save 10% of my wages. I should've carried it on, it is straight forward and won't really hurt- it's one of the things I plan on improving over the next 9 months. My travel lifestyle made me not think it was possible, I only save for trips then I go on said trip. But I should've saved in general and allocated it to the correct account and then saved for my next trip in my current account maybe. Simple things like that.

It's mid September, let's be more conscience on setting systems in place, putting health practices in order, check ourselves mentally a little more frequently and become better in every step of the way to end 2016 nicely. It's 3 months until Christmas break and home time for me to see my baby! Time will fly by, so have a read of my previous post that made me think of you today.

Reflect on the younger you for a moment and see, go, be. xx

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