It's a rare occasion when I am right. It's even rarer when I am right about politics in a way that is so scarey, it gives me enough confidence to make a second prognostication.

Truth is the second prognostication is pretty easy compared to the first- Youth are the heart of the Bernie Revolution.

Ok so you say,  "Bernie was saying along that youth were turning out for him in huge numbers- what did you predict, German?"

Well, I don't think anyone fully grasped the forces behind Iowa and the Bernie Blast Off, until the votes came in from the Caucus on Tuesday where woman and senior basically split their vote between Hillary and Bernie, and Men, surprisingly turned out for Ted Cruz, but the real barn burner of the evening, was Youth ages 17-29 turned out for Bernie at over 85%. That's not a coincidence or a mistake, that's a full fledged, 5 alarm revolution by the Youth of America to tell the Baby Boomers that they want to be heard.

And Hillary to her credit did hear them a bit, at least at 11:30 Monday night when she started popping off about how non-establishment progressive she is to the consternation of the Kids at the Bernie rally. If she was so Progressive before Iowa, why did she argue so forcefully about staying the course and why did she vote to go to Iraq and why didn't she get on board with Universal Healthcare, Free College and NO PAC Money in campaigns. Hmmm- Her 180 degree flip, complete with raised voices and wide eyed mania on Monday night, was a cry out to the Youth because they scared the hell out of everyone with their unity on Monday.

But I called that Monday at 10AM and saw it happening on Facebook and in the voices of my students and in the words of my coworkers at the Bar in the weeks before the caucus, the kids are for Bernie in a big way, because Bernie is for the kids- namely, the disenfranchisement of the Youth  and the lack of a promise of the future- and the kids have every right to be really pissed off.

Now I am not suggesting that kids will start the guerilla invasion of Grandma's house to win America back, although it's a funny image with camo clad toddlers kicking the cookies out of grandma's hands. And I am not trying to tear apart families by defining the generational battle lines. And I wasn't calling for the wholesale warehousing of our Senior population in my Monday article, "The Times They Are A-Changin'"

But as was seen with the 6 coin flips in Iowa Monday and the condescension in the voices of poll workers all over Iowa when the kids justifiably asked for a recount, the Hillary Women and Seniors who worked the polls, gamed the system, and won the election for Hillary. That is the advantage of experience, they knew where to be and how to do it, to make the process work for them. But judgement should have prevailed and they should have run a fair and equitable process, even if they did know how to game the system. This exactly is why kids like Bernie, he doesn't talk down to them, he doesn't make them feel like outsiders in the process and he doesn't trick them, quite oppositely he is asking them to engage in a New America, not to support him, but to make a better America for us all. DUH?? That is exactly why the Hillary Machine should not have gamed the Iowa system to win, even if they knew how to, because guess what, they just lit the fuse on New Hampshire and now likely Nevada and South Carolina.

But kids you messed up pretty good in Iowa too. The numbers of you fell short. Four Percent less than in 2008 with Obama. The Sanders campaign  is saying kids will turn out in record numbers and you're telling me, you could bring out a few more of your besties to come to caucus? Don't tell me it's because it was snowing and you were afraid to come vote. Kids didn't show up, because somewhere in the Peer Pressure, Mob Mentality , Group think of the 17-29's, there was a glitch, and some of the too cool for school kids didn't show up. For whatever reason, they failed to have their voice heard and gave the extra juice to Hillary to make what should have been a trouncing by Sanders into a tie. You didn't fail Bernie or me, or your parents, who wanted you to stay home anyway so Hillary could win, you failed yourself and you will pay the price come November if this is how every Primary is gonna go.

So for my second prognostication, New Hampshire is not going to be a landslide for Bernie. Oh I know polls say he's like a Kagillion points ahead, but after Iowa, I'm not sure we should have so much faith in polls now that Ted Cruz is the party front runner when the Donald had such a head of steam going into Iowa. The thing about New England is its OLD. Very old. The trees, the houses, the streets and even the political system is a thing set in the 1800's. New Hampshire is one of the Oldest, made of Granite and Snow. You can't tell me that the Hillary Machine is walking away from New Hampshire and is going to just cede the field to the Bernie Youth. They are trying to look mature in New Hampshire and want to keep things looking up to keep up appearances, but make no mistake, they are pissed in the Hillary Machine about the numbers in New Hampshire right now and are figuring every which way to suppress the effect of the youth vote in New Hampshire. And they are banking on the kids of the Revolution finding other things to do, or having short attention spans or just not following through as so many MIllennials have been known to do.

They are banking against you. Sanders is putting up the good fight. It is up to Youth to show up in New Hampshire and have their voices heard, and don't take no for an answer like you did in Iowa. Show up, vote loud and have your voices heard for a better tomorrow in our America.


Published by Christopher Richard