Birthdays mark a special day in our calendar. Birthdays are not only special for adults but kids as well. All the attention, gifts, celebrations with loads of chocolates and cake is simply loved by kids. First birthdays hold a special place in the life of kids. Every parent wishes to celebrate the first birthday of their child with zeal and enthusiasm. Though the child itself is very young to understand what is happening, they can sure visit the memory lane with the help of videos and pictures once they grow up.

There are lots of themes and plans one can go for when it comes to arranging for the birthday of one’s prince or angel. The decoration is a vital part of any theme, and hence one needs to decide the theme first and then go for the decoration accordingly. There are doubtlessly many ideas one can have from friends and relatives about decoration, however, in the case of not being them sufficient one can try the same from online also.

If a loved one lives at a distant location, you can now send gifts to Pakistan online on the same day of booking with the help of online gift shop along with cakes and chocolates.

Here is a list of few interesting themes for celebration:

  • Only Balloons

Balloons are one of the most loved items of kids. Fancy balloons in different colours attract children like nothing else. It is a great idea to have an all balloon theme for the party. You can take balloons in different shape and size in bright colours.

  • Princess/ Fairytale

The princess/ fairytale themes are most popular for the celebration of the first birthday of kids especially girls. You can get your child a nice gown or frock for the quintessential princess' look. The decor for the theme should be in pastel shades with lots of balloons, ribbons and flowers. You can also play with lightings in various colours.

  • Disney characters

Kids love cartoons and nothing better than hosting a party for kids with the Disney theme. The children can be dressed based on their favourite cartoon character. Ensure the decor has Mickey, Miney, Pluto and other cartoon characters reflecting in toons, cake and stickers.

  • Butterfly

You can also opt for a colourful butterfly theme. The will attract children since it is a very vibrant and chirpy theme.

  • Jungle

Greenery and animals fascinate kids hence you can go for a jungle theme as well. Ensure you have a lot of greenery and animal stickers or soft toys in decor to complement the theme.

  • Rainbow theme

The Rainbow theme is a unique idea wherein you can get each element in VIBGYOR colours right from the decor, outfits to the cake. Now, one can send online gifts to Pakistan along with flowers and cake across any location.

  • Pastel colour themes

The pastel colours such as Pink, purple, peach and aqua are best for colour based themes. One can go for the decoration of the theme personally or can also hire professional experts for the same. 

Published by sandeep Malik