It was a winters night

But it was clear as snow

With stars so bright

They blinded pain


Feeling hypnotized by the beauty

The moon felt something

A beat so foreign

It believed it was unruly


Gazing in the oh so dark skies eyes

It saw a cloud outbreak

Covered The moon as it cries

immune to the pain it goes and hides


Stars fading

Clouds trembling

The Moons breaking

It brought an imbalance to the earth


Unable to hold itself

The waves crash

Against ignorance

Of a fallen rock from the heavens


With an unsettled sea

Raging through the earth

It destroyed everything

Including the place of birth


Volcanoes erupting

The land crumbling

With Wind humming

And the core grumbling


The end, inevitable

With the sun feeding

And ruins depleting

The moon itself was bleeding.







Published by Zeus Gqabu