The problem with us people is – we always see the worst in people. Even in models and celebrities, every time we see them in TV or in magazines, no matter how beautiful they are, we always see their flaws. We point out how they seem to look bigger, we sit they tiny zits in the cover. Why cant we just appreciate one’s beauty? But that’ not my point here.

Ive been seeing post like this in my timeline for the past months and I cant help but feel somehow mad at people for making fun with girls who wear makeup to feel good. You know why girls even bother to wear one? Because you judge them. We walk out in a house with our bare face and you’ll call us stress, we look sick or even a mess. But then when we put out effort to look best and cover some of our flaws, you tell us we are being fake and covering up our “natural” self? I honestly could not understand the society!

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN WEARING MAKEUP. As a girl who existed 20 years of my life not knowing how to do my brows and 3 years learning how to highlight my best feature, I can really say that there is nothing wrong in wearing one! Can you just appreciate how we wake up extra minutes early just to make ourself look “okay” in society’s standards? How we try to make our face presentable every time we leave the house because we are too damn tired of people asking us if we are sick if we go to work without doing our brows? How some people say we don’t take care of ourself because we don’t give ourself time to fix whatever you think is wrong with our fucking face.

We wear makeup because we love it. Because society thinks we need to cover up our flaws. But then, people will still have something to say like “Oh she just looks pretty because she’s wearing a mascara” and things like “Lets take her swimming so that her makeup will come off and we can see what she actually looks like”. Shame on you people. Shame on you.


So to the girls who loves to put colour on their faces, don’t listen to those morons. We just have to be ourselves and do whatever we want to do because people will still judge us anyway.:)




Published by Christine Tiu