download-9It’s NOVEMBER and that means it’s almost time to EAT! Omg, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. One thing about me, I’m a fat chick in a skinny girl’s body, lol. Today is my cousin’s birthday, my mother’s birthday is on the 23rd, and my dad’s mother’s birthday is on the 27th. I have to figure out what I’m getting everybody. Ugh, I hate shopping for gifts.

Anywho, how was your day? Mine was very unproductive and being so unproductive is starting to drive me crazy. My new boo works, so it’s not like I can just sit and talk to him all day, I wouldn’t want to anyways. I don’t want to be that lazy girlfriend who sits on her ass running her mouth all day. He said something to me today and while it shocked the hell out of me, it was such a relief to

Do you know how good it feels to have someone accept me, ALL OF ME!, even my work. To go from a relationship where my partner couldn’t understand that I’m the oldest and have a lot of people depending on me so I have to do what I have to do to a relationship where I’m supported and my partner wants to get it with me is a blessing! It’s rare to find someone with the same drive and hustler mentality as me and I’m loving every minute of it.

download-1I know they say not to date your friends, and I’m sure if or when we break up we’ll probably never be friends again because I’m petty, but damn I love that man!

Have you seen my snapchats lately?

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