Okay, so your Google Analytics says that you have received thousands of hit this week. Great!

But wait…

How many of those thousand visitors have converted to buyers?

If the answer is not satisfactory. Then it’s the time to ask yourself, what am I doing wrong?

If your custom web design agency website gets traffic but no leads, here are some effective and proven ways to convert visitors into buyers and improve your lead generation process.

1. Focus on Your Home Page

Your home page plays a key role. It can either make visitors to convert or leave the site immediately. If truth be told, the home page is the most visited page of your site that is present on every social media profile, search engines, referral sites and much more.

You need to carefully ask some questions to yourself in order to make some improvements.

·         Check carefully, are visitors deciphering your products within a few seconds?

·         Are there compelling CTAs anywhere to grab the attention of your visitors?

·         Do you have a lead form to collect name and email address of your prospects?

·         Does your homepage show some social proof or testimonials to ensure the quality of your products or services?

·         Does your homepage show some of your blog content or most popular blog posts?

If the answer of every question is NO, then take a deep breath and get ready to make these essential changes to make your homepage compelling and persuasive.

2. Use Catchy Headlines to Grab Visitors’ Attention

Believe it or not, a great headline can either make or break the impression. Therefore, it is advised to make powerful and compelling headlines to draw interest of a reader. You can use these strong verbs to make your headlines simply wow!

·         Increase
·         Improve
·         Boost
·         Change
·         Revive
·         Drive

You can use different describing words in your headlines to make them more persuasive.

·         Essential
·         Important
·         Free
·         Amazing
·         Killer
·         Effective
·         Useful
·         Easy
·         Simple

The headline, “We Work with Our Clients to Create User-Friendly Designs that Convert” is describing the services your web design agency offers, how good you are and how your services will help your clients to get more conversions and leads.

So, take a close look at your headings on every page of your website and make sure to include strong verbs and one describing word to make them interesting.

3.  Close the Deal with an Action Driven CTA

Call to Actions must be displayed on every single page of your website, even the FAQ page and privacy policy page should have CTAs. When a potential client is done with skimming and scanning the page, it takes only a few seconds to take the desired action. So, make sure you have a compelling CTA to drive this action.

Here are some great examples of CTAs:

·         Receive a Free Guide

·         Are You Ready to Boost Your Visitors?

·         Get Free Email Updates

·         Get Our Digital Marketing Toolkit

·         Download an Authentic Industry Report

·         Do You Want More Website Traffic?

When CTAs are clearly written and placed on obvious positions easy, the user will surely enjoy a seamless user experience.

4.  Create a Newsletter Signup Form

You can inform your current and potential customers by sending them newsletters that are usually comprised of your recent blog posts, upcoming events, discounts, informational tips, company news and of course, a sweet reminder of your products or services in general.

While every page of your website must have a newsletter signup form to increase your chances of getting contact details of more prospective. It is recommended to have this form at least on your homepage and blog page.

Moreover, offering an incentive to click the subscribe button is undeniably the most smart and proven trick to build your email list. By offering your subscribers free guides, eBooks, or special discount, they will be automatically persuaded to click on the subscribe button.

Over to You

If you are serious about simplifying your lead generation process in order to get the most out of it. Then, follow these simple content hacks and thoroughly implement every single strategy to improve the lead generation process and overall performance of your website.

Published by Zubair Hassan