There are plenty of dishes that are always on the mind and heart of people. However, there are some Eatables too that are often take a back seat. However, these eatables are absolutely famous and cherished in different corners. Have a look at some of the dishes that are going to stir your taste buds.


If you talk about bhuna gosht, what really makes this scrumptious curry special is the 'Bhuna' portion. The eatable consists of pan-frying meatalong with spices. The meat gets cooked in its own juices that are what gives deep flavour.  The preparation of this dish is quite time consuming, but the final result is delightful. Actually, it is one of the most famous Indian Meat Recipe.  In this eatable, Mutton Pieces are properly pan-fried in spicy onion and tomato gravy and deeply tanged with fresh ground spices.

Mutton Stew

Mutton stew is a scrumptiousgravy dish that is devotedly cooked with mutton. It is another beautiful way to prepare mutton. It is a must pick dish when you are searching for mutton recipes.  Just imagine itsdelicious taste with a decent tang of spices. You should try it out for sure. If you like cooking, just prepare it and you are going to fall in love with its gravy After all, the dish can encompasses all type of spices as per your preference.

Beef Nihari

This dish is one of the great gravy dishes that is generally forgotten or overlooked.  It is generally seen that women find it quite difficult and time consuming to cook this dish. But the other side is that once this dish is cooked in a right manner and utmost patience, it can leave the people finger licking.

Mutton Corma

The korma people eat from shops and restaurants is prepared of beef. In case you have mutton, and you relish korma, the finest step ahead would be to cook a delicious mutton korma that everyone in your family is going to love. This dish can be spiced as much as you like.

Meatballs Koftay

Are you ready to relish a spicy and scrumptious gravy dish?  Preparing meatballs is another scrumptious option you can easily avail while you are thinking about what to cook with meat. Meatballs or Koftay is a conventional Pakistani food. In case your mouth has just got watery, it must be your instinctive choice. Go ahead and munch on this delicious and delectable dish.

Mutton PAYE

Mutton Payais certainly going to infatuate the loves of gravy food. There is generally nothing in morsel but only the piece of gravy andnaan, but it is absolutely superb.  It is better than everything else. Of course, just buy or cook a scrumptious Paya and you are going to experience the richness.


Kunna is an extremely famous dish prepared of mutton. The specialty of this dish is itsstrange taste that makes it an immensely popular dish in Pakistan.  It is often picked as a menu eatable for wedding parties. Kunna is prepared of mutton with diverse other ingredients.

So, try these dishes out and you are definitely




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