In Matthew 13 we are told that Jesus came to the area of His home.  He taught in the synagogues and people were astonished by His wisdom and mighty works (v54).  They had trouble believing all they saw because they still considered Him as little more than the carpenter’s son.  Then in verse 58 we are told “And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” (KJV)

    Notice in verse 54 they had already seen and marvelled at His wisdom and His mighty works, so they knew He was capable of of performing miracles.  Then how could their unbelief in verse 58 cause Jesus not to perform many mighty works.  It does not say Jesus was unable, but rather that He did not many might works.

    My feeling is that, as in every place where Jesus healed, He healed all that came.  Their unbelief in His abilities because He was just the carpenter’s son prevented the sick from coming to Him or people bringing those who were unable to come to Him.  His abilities were not limited because of their unbelief, it was their ability to accept that was limited.  We must always be ready to accept the healing power of Jesus because it is always there.

Published by Ray Richards