Something really sad happened a few days ago in Nice, France. A man drove a lorry into crowds of people celebrating Bastille day killing many many innocent people as a result. After driving the lorry into over 200 people he got out and started to shoot at police before he was shot and killed himself.

This is one of many horrific attacks that have happened so far this year. Many have already happened in France, the shooting at an Orlando night club and many more in other countries.

I woke to see this on the news and all over twitter, I was so shocked to see yet another deadly attack on many innocent people. This is horrific and people shouldn't have to feel this way. People will be soon scared to leave their house to go to the cinema, to go to their friends house or even go to shopping. Its horrible and non of us should have to stand for it. 

This is such an upsetting time for the world and I am so sad to be seeing this happen all over the world. I am sad it happened once and I'm shocked and horrified it has happened multiple times and I hope it doesn't happen again because no more innocent people should have to die. 

I am only young myself and I may not know much of what is going on but it is so upsetting to have to wake up not once but many times to see these horrific acts happen around the world.   


I wrote a post about the horrific killing of Christina Grimmie on my personal blog and I think some of the views i expressed in that can be forwarded to my feelings in this so please have a read -

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