Treating a man well needs a combination of habitual courtesyas well as uncommon acts of kindness and love. While marriage is one of the most treasured loving bonds two individuals can share, it will not stay that way if you do not put some positive effort.

Instead, if you want to enjoy a happy and long lasting relationship with your man, you are required to put onward some effort.

Many relationship studies show that strong communication is considered the most important foundation of a lasting and successful relationship. Therefore, make sure that you make your man feel loved and taken care of by putting him close to you and by expressing yourself and your love honestly to him.

How, in turn, do you know that the man you adore really loves you back, though? Let’s look at some of the things men do that can serve as pretty strong proof that they really love you. Let’s look at some strong signs he cares deeply about you.

1. Being Open with You

Despite the fact that the both of you may have gone out for a while together, or even lived together under the same roof for some time, a man should not expect you to always be able to read his mind. A man that cares about you therefore establishes clear lines of communication.

If he does so and moreover does not shy away from any topics you raise, even if they might be uncomfortable or difficult for him to discuss with you, you have a very strong indication that he really loves you and cares about you, as he is trying to be considerate of your feelings.

If, after having known him for some time, you can also positively say that he usually does not lie (not even using these little “white lies”) to you when addressing any of these uncomfortable topics, you have another strong indicator that he deeply cares about you.

2. He resolves Arguments quickly

Heated disputes are not the norm in a healthy relationship, but they happen. Yet, they should definitely not overstay their welcome. If your man truly cares about you, he will be willing to apologize and be the first to utter “I am Sorry.” His capability of bouncing back and being there for you matters more than figuring out who is wrong or right.

A man that loves and cares about you should always try sort out problems in his relationship with youas soon as they arise, instead of dragging them out. Your man should not allow hurt feelings to rankle as they can easily turn into indignation, being poisonous to the relationship.

3. Treating You the way You want to be Treated

If your man cares about you, he will make an effort to view you the way you typically view yourself. By recognizing your values,your motivations and also your insecurities, he will be able to honor your distinct personality; a factor that will greatly contribute to making your marriage or relationship withhim a success

4. Making You a Priority

Your man should always make you realize that you are the most important thing in his world. This means you should be considered before his buddies, hobbies, and even his career.

Rather than always telling you how much he cares for you, your man should hereby develop the tendency of applying actions if he really loves you. For instance, instead of using words to unveil his devotion, he should demonstrate altruistic actions, meant to make you feel like the center of the universe.

Another small, but important example as it happens way too often: if anything comes up and he needs to cancel the plans you had together for your date-night, he should call you right away so as to apologize.He should also ensure that he comes up with a plan that will make it up to you later.

5. Showing You Affection

Affection is very important in every relationship. Showing the affection one has for her or his partner is even more important for a healthy relationship where both men and women want to feel appreciated.

Your man should therefore ideally e.g. hug you tightly before he leaves the house, or e.g. kiss you gently on your neck. Anytime you are sitting or walking together, a man that cares about you would also e.g. reach out and hold your hand.

Physical touch is essential for couples to feel close. It is one of the pre- eminent reminders that your man is there for you.

6. Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is not only the appropriate etiquette for a man in any situation, it is also a strong sign that he cares for the woman on his side, if he behaves like a gentleman to her.

Hence, if your man cares about you and really treasures the relationship the both of you are having, he should not downplay the significance of little gestures such as opening the door for you or holding the umbrella when you are walking together in the rain.

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