Okay so here we are 23 days into the New Year of 2017 and I have spent the last few days in bed due to my newly diagnosed condition of sciatica. 

I was trolling on youtube for that is what I do when I am not making video's of course and I ran across this video (while by carelessly looking up Slenderman) and I ran across the story/video of "The Silent Twins"....

Their names were June and Jennifer Gibbsons and according to the video, I saw they were identical twins.  Born in 1963, June and Jennifer were moved by their Barbadian parents to a small town off the coast of Wales called Haverfordwest. Known for its tranquility, the town and the twins had but one thing in common: Quiet. Amazingly, the two had never spoken to anyone else their entire lives. Instead, they communicated with each other in a strange, birdlike language only they could understand.  As kids, they thought it would be very cool to only speak to each other and as time went on they continued this pact. Their parents tried to separate them by sending them to different boarding schools and that ended up with the twins experience psych issues leading them to be more distant from society and showing signs of schizophrenia. 

Later on, in life, it is said that they went on to committing crimes. I have read articles and watch videos on these young girls all the way until one of them passed away... Jennifer was the one that passed away on their way to another facility she placed her head on June's shoulder and said she was going to die, that she didn't feel good and she allegedly fell asleep with her eyes open. Upon arriving at the facility she was completely unresponsive and after being rushed to the hospital she was pronounced dead from what Doctor's say acute myocarditis, which is a sudden inflammation of the heart. According to the doctor's, there was no trace of foul play, no poison in her system of any kind she was just gone just like that....

This is one of the weirdest stories I have ever read within Black culture/history. I am going to try and do 28 days of things I didn't know but I am starting early. I found this story to be very intriguing and something that truly caught my attention. I won't' go on with this but I will leave some links on "The Silent Twins" for further reading if you feel the need to.




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