its me again, your professional list maker

here are a few things that I've learned from working in restaurants:

  1. How to tip well and why it is important.
  2. Patience
  3. How to work and move quickly- the people get hungry, and when they get hungry they get hangry.
  4. Closing time is never as exciting as it may seem (hello again, heavy chairs and tables).
  5. How easy it is to break glass.
  7. How to cook a thing or too (shoutout to Chau at Ciao Bella in Modesto, CA)
  8. How much time, money, energy, and sacrifices owners give up for their craft and passion. (the restaurants I've worked for are all family owned- before you complain about some minute detail or want to make a suggestion to an owner/chef on how they should run THEIR businesses, please remember, they are taking their time away from their families and literally putting their ALL into their businesses to serve you and the community as well as sustain their own. be kind. be considerate.)
  9. Hello people, I know you are hungry, GREAT food takes TIME. Be patient.
  10. RESERVATIONS ARE KEY- I don't care if the restaurant looks empty and you want to have an impromptu date with your girlfriend- I know you too would rather not be rushed out of your table so that I can seat my party of 15.
  11. RESERVATIONS ARE NEVER SOLID. For some reason people think its mighty fine to have a couple more people show up to aunt Patty's dinner party of 25 people... servers and restaurants need time and notice to accommodate you and make your experience the best it can be.
  12. Every thing counts- wrinkled napkins, polished glass & silverware, polished table tops, everything dusted. Most every small detail is thought of while running a restaurant- things that the general public wouldn't even think of.
  13. Regulars become your friends.
  14. You'll learn that John comes in on Tuesdays, always at lunch, always orders something off of the specials and if not then his favorite sandwich on the menu with a side of house fries. He always drinks the iced tea and takes it with sweet n low.
  15. When the chef asks you for your order- you better answer in .2 seconds if you're trying to cop a free lunch.

much more where that came from... will I ever reveal all the tricks of the trade? maybe... maybe not... Happy October, take a break and visit a family owned restaurant for a nice treat....


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