This topic is so frustrating; I don’t even know where to start. I could ramble on and on about why I would rather walk in front of oncoming traffic, than have to try and figure out dating in today’s world. On one hand you can say that technology has opened the door to meet so many people very easily, but on the other hand you now have more opportunities to get hurt or left confused.

What is so frustrating is there are so many variables to dating now. Are you going to meet someone organically, like at a bar or coffee shop? Do you want to use dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble? How about or OkCupid? Are you “just having fun?” or do you want something more serious? Who should make the first move? Do you go for coffee, drinks or dinner first? (How about we go on a napping date because all these situations make me exhausted)?

So, you finally meet someone and go on that first date. How exciting! Now you are subjecting yourself to a new list of variables. What am I allowed/not allowed to talk about? Do I text him/her after the date? How long should I wait to receive/make a phone call asking for another date if there is, in fact, another date? Am I going to be ghosted? Or how about the latest and greatest: being benched?


Don’t get me wrong dating can be fun, but it also can be a huge pain in the ass. Coming from a female’s perspective, as far I am concerned, chivalry is about as dead as they come. Most guys, today, between the ages of 18-35 have no idea how to treat a lady. (Key word being most, not all. Slow your roll, gentlemen). I don’t believe dating has to be such a pain in the ass. If we go back to the basics, of really getting to know someone, you might just find a strong connection.

Final Thoughts: Today’s dating culture is exhausting. It’s far from black and white. I find that you have to have thick skin and open mind/attitude to date in today’s world. And how about we cut the ghosting and benching bullshit? Be a straightforward person and it will save a lot of people some heartache.

What do you think about today’s dating culture?

*This article was also published in: Kinzie's Kritiques 

Published by Samantha Kinzie