Being on a schedule is a drag

Waking up in the middle of the night to catch a plane towards your next destination is something you might like…however, you might just as well not. You might fall asleep thinking that you will wake up 20 minutes earlier to take a shower before you go…but you will not. You might confuse the middle of the night for the morning and try to make yourself a coffee…but you will not. The only thing you will be able to do, however, is take a quick look in the mirror and hope that the person looking back is not the person that you really are. If you’re thinking that waking up in the middle of the night to catch your next plane to elsewhere is about picture perfect looks and amazing style…you are wrong. Travelling in about being on schedule. And, honestly, there is no powder room and make up battalion waiting for you outside your bedroom door. Instead, there’s you…this awkward version of you…telling yourself that you’re up while you’re still snoozing your alarm, crawling out of bed with your stomach in your mouth, always slipping into the wrong clothes because of the distorted feeling you have about freezing to death before you get to the door.

The awkward felling of having left something behind

I don’t know about you, but I have never ever left my home without thinking about the possible things that I could have left behind. I have always been a nuisance at organizing my luggage. This up to the point that I can’t close my bag because everything is just stacked up in the middle…up to the point that I know that I’m going bathing and I can’t remember if I packed my swimsuit…up to the point that I don’t do without a German plug until I find I cannot possibly fit it into a French socket. My close ones find it funny how I can never seem to concentrate on the important things, but I always have the strictest routine when it comes to the clothes I’m packing and so specific about what to wear and when. What can I say…I’m a mess?

Tablets and Global Positioning Systems are separate for a reason

Has it ever happened that you use your tablet as a GPS? At the rate everything is going nowadays I can hardly tell the difference. I do not know if it’s a thing of my generation, or just a thing of mine, but I do not care to understand technology, I just want it working for me all the time. However, there are these times…when, for example, you have everything stacked up in the trunk of your car, ready to go more than ever, tablet up and running, GPS mode on…and then…the screen just doesn’t flip over…and you try to figure out why…you jiggle, you wobble, you shake it…as if out of natural instinct…You’re mad, your partner’s getting agitated….and there’s just not getting the tablet to work properly. All I can say…thank God the on/off button did not change much throughout the centuries. A casual restart or system reboot….it almost always does the job. The casual restart was also what got our tablet flipping and rotating, and working and talking again. What can I say…If it were more than that…well I better not think about it…but in the meantime, thank God the restart button is easy to operate and rather efficient, I would say.

Trying to fit everything in the hand luggage parameters of Wizz Air – Impossible!

So Wizz Air. How awesome is that? They have really build a reputation over the past few years. They have a reliable fleet, routes on practically every destination there is, and their prices…. oh well, let’s just say they keep “poor” people like us moving!  Given this otherworldly trend of wanderlust and whimsy that’s going on, a cheap flight ticket to Ibiza…well, that may just make anyone’s day…. anytime. Except…for the luggage situation. I know it’s low cost and you can buy your extra luggage if you so desire, but when 40 Euros/person turn a cheap flight into not such a cheap flight, you may just leave the extra luggage for another time. So…getting back to the thrill of travelling…yes, well…it might take you some skill and expertise indeed to fit everything you need except your panties into 42x32x25cm. The secret: there is none…If you cannot do without your fancy shoe boxes and make up bags…oh, well…how silly of me…of course, you won’t take Wizz Air. You’re not the kind to travel light!

Meals may come in a buffet and buffets may just not do good on your stomach

Bed and Breakfasts, half boards, All - Inclusive, Ultra - All – Inclusive…they all sound good, don’t they. It’s just that cultures around the Globe differ. They say that people are what they eat. Well…interesting topic…let me expand on why I believe this to be one of the most accurate statements of our time. Greek people are Greek people because they cook, eat and drink with joy. They mostly have seafood, so they are healthy and joyous almost all of the time. Every meal in Greece is a celebration and I have seen no other culture to match Greece’s eating habits. You never go half board in Greece. You go Bed and Breakfast. You have a ravishing breakfast in the morning, mostly traditional, cooked by hand and then you feast yourself on the thrill and agitation of evening meals at a Greek tavern. Greek meals are light so that you have room for talking out loud and dancing your feet off. With German people it is a whole kind of story…. German people like to eat a lot. They have lots of pork, beef, potatoes…things not so easy on the stomach. German people like to have it all laid down for them: starters, soups, main courses and deserts. However, the thing that German people care most about, and it is seldom that you see this in other places of the world…. they care about food quality. German people, they like to eat a lot but they also like to eat healthy. As many cultures, as many food habits…so when you’re travelling…. you don’t get to be sensitive on the stomach. And as much as you might like to think that you can handle a buffet…wait until you’ve traveled to Austria or Germany, half board.

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Published by Marcela Presecan