When you are considering renovating your house, you should also focus on the windows. The windows and the doors can play an important role in improving the look of your house. Both curtains and drapery can play an important role in making your house look better. There is a wide range of options when you set out to choose. Thus, you may consider talking to an expert before purchasing any drapes or curtain. This is because the drape design, color, fabric, and other aspects can vary. Also, the drape prices differ depending on the factors. There are several advantages of decorating your house so you may consider them.

 1.      Color and Fabric


Both the color of drapes and its fabric matters. They will help to determine how your house would look in the coming time. You should ensure to choose high-quality drapery fabrics to make sure that these last long. Experts recommend too heavy drapes and curtains develop folds on being drawn. Nonetheless, if they are too light they usually fall off from their place. If you are in a drapery shop purchasing it, you should hold it against the window. It will help you determine its flow and how much light it would allow entering the room.

Before you finalize any material, you should choose a sample. However, you should consider choosing a larger piece since it will help to understand the drape fabric. You should avoid choosing bright colors if you do not want light in your room because it may fade.

 2.     Length

The length of the drape is equally important. Before you finalize the size you should determine from where would you like the drape to begin. Placing the panels higher will make your room look high. Often experts recommend a height of about six inches high from the window frame. This sets a dramatic look and gives a larger-than-life approach. If you want to achieve a traditional look, you can allow the drapes to touch the floor. For this, you can add two to three inches extra.

To make the window appear fuller, you should consider taking extra inches while measuring the depth. This will help to give way to window glasses when the drapes are opened.  Nonetheless, do not compromise with the length of drape.

3.     Custom window drapes


If you want your drape you go as per your choice, you can consider customizing it. Also, there are several benefits of custom window drapes. You will be able to choose a perfect dimension as per the size of your window and select any particular look. In this case, you will be able to select as per your wish. Also, you will get to choose the kind of drape fabric and color you want. Thus, within a very small budget, you will be able to achieve a wonderful looking window drape. If custom drapes are exceeding your budget, you can purchase high-quality window drapes.

4.     Washer-machine or dry clean

You need to know if your drapes can withstand machine cleaning or need dry cleaning. Knowing this will help you in the future as you will be able to save time as well as money. Nonetheless, if you wash the window drapes regularly, you might end up ruining it.

 5.     Consultation

When you are choosing window drapes, you will surely be in need of a consultant. This is because they can help you to make the right choice. They will help you understand the different textiles, colors, and fabrics. There are various companies like that can send a consultant to your house. This will help you to avoid going to visit the shops. They will help you with drape designs, textiles that will match that of your house.

If you're considering to purchase a high-quality drapery, you can purchase it online from The Blind Guyz. Also, in the online world, you will find a wide range of selections. You may choose the product that best suits your needs and moves forward accordingly. However, you should be a little considerate before you purchase any of the drapes or curtains. Keep these things in mind to make a perfect choice.

Published by Amelie Lawrence