Toilet hire can be a practical and cost-effective solution when it comes to holding an event or working on a construction project. There are several factors to consider in order to work out which types of temporary toilet unit is right for your specific purposes.

First and foremost, the budget for the project must be calculated. Then the organiser needs to work out how many people will be using the units. Naturally, the bigger the event being held the more units that will need to be hired. As this number increases, the ideal maximum price for each unit should decrease (unless the budget allocated to toilet hire is very high).

Budget and cubicle numbers should always be the priority when deciding what route to go down for your toilet hire. If you have enough budget to spread around then it may be a good idea to hire luxury toilets. The nature of the location will also be a factor. It can determine whether you need to hire urinals, cubicles or a combination of the two. Do the units you hire need to have wash basins? Do these basins need to have heated water systems? If the location does not have an adequate water or electricity supply, then this will limit the types of toilet units available to you.

Standard Recirculating Toilet

This is one of the best models for customers because of how cost-effective it is. It includes a basin for cleaning, as well as a toilet roll dispenser and soap. The entire unit is compliant with HSE hygiene standards, which is sure to give customers peace of mind. One of the other great reasons for choosing a Standard Recirculating Toilet is the fact it is so easy to set up. No matter what the location, the unit is sure to be fitted with ease.

Hotwash Recirculating Toilet Unit

This model uses a 240 volt plug fitted into the sink system in order to provide hot water. The unit includes a large waste tank, an arm washing station, dispensers for soap and paper towels, toilet roll holder, mirror and a hook to hang coats on. This is one of the most convenient models available.

Mains Portable Toilet

As the name suggests this toilet is connected to the mains. This does mean that the customer will need to provide an adequate water connection and electricity supply. These toilets are popular because of their lightweight nature. They are made from a polyethylene material making it light enough to move with ease.

Luxury Toilet Units

If you have the budget for it then it is well worth hiring a toilet trailer. There are a variety of different units on the market. Medium sized ones are typically large enough for 50 to 200 people. They have separate toilets for ladies and gents. Often these toilets use recirculating flush systems which only requires the customer to provide an electrical connection. A luxury model also has the capability of providing heated water as well as an extractor fan (depending on the unit).

Recent technological innovations have allowed luxury toilet units to recycle water from hand wash basins. This system increases energy efficiency and ensures less water is wasted. For this reason it is the ideal choice for those who want their toilet hire to be as green as possible.


Published by Ruby Daub