Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. The natural beauty, shores, lakes and the creatures in the sea are the major attractions of this place. When you take a trip to Costa Rica you might feel that you will experience heavy wind blowing your hair, salt water spraying over the bow and you might have to carry a fish of your own size. But these things are not what you should really look for. Here we will discuss things that you should expect when on deep sea fishing, Costa Rica.

Size of the Boat

If you are NOT up for some surprises, prepare yourself for the size of the boat. Deep sea boats are much larger than the ones used for regular or inshore fishing. They are made of stronger material to be able to bear and withstand the challenges of the open sea such as strong winds and waves. They are also made larger to accommodate that hundred pound giant fishes you will hook in the voyage.

Be Ready to Show Some Strength

Deep sea fishing is not like regular fishing. You are not there to catch fishes the size of your palm. You are there to capture monsters and for that reason, you have to be ready physically. You cannot relax for even a minute after you have hooked your first fish. Deep sea fishes swim faster than inshore fishes and they are stronger than your imaginations.

Different Gear and Equipment

Unlike inshore fishing or sportfishing in Costa Rica, deep sea fishing utilizes the different equipment. You have to deal with different gear at the same time depending on the weight of the fish. You will have to use different rods and reels. Be ready to hold yourself while you pull that 100 pounder fish on the boat.

Unlikely Guests

Although, you are only there to catch fishes but you may catch some uninvited guests as well. These guests are not those regular frogs or local creatures. You can get in touch with dolphins, puffer fish, and even Sharks. Do not be afraid, the tour company will ensure safety and take you to a safe spot.

Deep sea fishing, Costa Rica is full of adventures and you have to be ready for everything full of thrill. If the above things fascinate you, you should plan to take a fishing trip to Costa Rica. We offer different packages for deep sea fishing at the most competitive prices. We will take you to the best spots where you can have a safe yet thrilling deep sea fishing experience. Our packages are designed to meet your financial needs so you can enjoy without disturbing your budget. You can contact us now if you want to know more about our tour packages and you can also contact us if you have some further queries. We would love to answer all of them.

Published by Yatin Arora