Windows and doors help a person to enhance the looks of his or her house. People spend a lot of time selecting the right curtain or color of the windows to be installed or the doors which are to be installed in their new houses. There are a number of options available these days. Wooden, plastic and Aluminium doors are the most commonly available doors used these days whereas for windows, wooden and Aluminium are the two types of windows available.

The question arises is that which one these will be suitable for your house. Well, in that case, one should know that the best option available these days are Aluminium windows and doors.

Types of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Here are some of the types of Aluminium windows and doors available in the market these days:

#1. Aluminium bi-fold windows and doors

These type of Aluminium windows and doors are really easy to install and demand very little space to operate. The maintenance required is minimum and are very easy to clean. They provide access to the outdoor space. A long-term smooth operation can be expected out of these doors and windows.

#2. Aluminium tilt turn windows

These windows allow horizontal and vertical movement allowing maximum air and sunlight to enter your house or room. These windows are ideal for a house with no or very small balcony as they open inwards and require a small place of operation.

#3. Sliding Aluminium windows and doors

These are the most commonly used Aluminium windows and doors used these days. These doors and windows can be the slide from one end to the other and the mechanism is extremely smooth so you won't feel any bumps while sliding it.

#4. Aluminium casement windows

This type of windows is ideal for those houses which are situated at an angle at which the breeze blows. If you have these windows installed in your house, then you need not worry about fresh air entering your house. These windows crank outward and are hinged from inside so that you can open it and funnel in all the fresh air which generally passes through your house. The locking system is embedded into the frame and they are hooked so you do not have to worry about security after getting these windows installed.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows and Doors

  • Variety of colors available: In this era where color combinations play a really crucial role in-house décor, the Aluminium windows and doors manufacturing companies are not lacking behind. These aluminium windows and doors come in a variety of colors. Some of the people even get their windows and doors custom painted for a premium and a unique look.
  • Weather resistant: Aluminium is least reactive to water and oxygen so changing weather will not affect these windows or doors.  You will not face the problems that you faced with wooden doors. The doors will not rot after installing these Aluminium windows and doors. 
  • Less maintenance: Termite attack is quite common in the case of wooden windows and doors and the solution to this problem is quite expensive. After the treatment, you need to get it repainted or else it needs to be painted every year for it to be maintained but in the case of Aluminium windows and door, you have no such problems. These windows and doors and can be used for a number of years without any maintenance or repair expenses.

There are several factors that you need to keep in your mind while selecting the correct aluminium windows and doors for your house. You should take care of its maintenance, its resistance to different weather, ease of use and installation and durability.

Published by Joseph Webb