When it comes to cars, especially luxury cars, you should not take any chances by handing it over to amateurs for repair. Be it your sports car or SUV, having Audi is something everyone desires for. When you own your Audi then you must not take any risk when it comes to repair or servicing. Like any other car, Audi too needs servicing by an authorized Audi service mechanic.

Upper segment and premium cars cannot be repaired by ordinary service centers as it requires custom tools to undertake certain repairs Different models such as A4, A5, Q3, Q5 or Q7 have different mechanisms and only specialized mechanics can repair or service them. So, if you own any of these models then carefully choose your Audi service mechanic before sending your car to garage.

Things to Know About the Mechanic / Garage:

  • Professional and Skilled Mechanic: While choosing your mechanic make sure you select someone professional and skilled in the same field. Many mechanics make fake promises that can damage your dream car. It is necessary for you to double check before you select the garage. As mentioned, Audi models need skilled and authorized people to manage its servicing. It is mandatory to choose professional and experienced mechanic.
  • Parts of the Car: If you accidentally damaged any part of your dream Audi, then it must be replaced soon. If you are sending your car to the service centre then make sure they provide you original equipments or parts for your car.  High performance cars like Audi should be repaired only with authentic spare parts. Audi service mechanics who are trained in Audi service will ensure that they use only authentic parts.
  • Service Timings: Make sure to take your car for servicing at manufacturer prescribed intervals. It is not because your car has some problem, but because it needs to be checked routinely irrespective of its current performance. Your car needs to have updated servicing history when it is running on road. Any sort of accidents or damage may need the history of servicing. An updated service log book retains the resale value of the car as it indicates a well maintained car.
  • Cost of Servicing: Being a car user you must know about the cost of servicing. However, it is recommended not to be attracted to the cheaper deals. Before you jump into any conclusion, be fully informed about the cost, especially hidden costs, of the servicing. The charges including Audi service mechanic charges, parts prices, servicing charges and such must be known by you. Many garages have yearly or quarterly packages that can be affordable and profitable too.
  • Authorized Dealers: It is always wiser to send your dream car to authorized dealers. By doing so, you can be assured about use of authentic parts being used for repairs. Many people don’t have authorized dealers near their locality. If this happens then also you can send your car to any other garages. But you must ensure the integrity of the mechanics as well as source authentic spare parts from nearest service centers or retail stores. You can also get authentic parts online.
  • Online Booking: The best thing is that now you can easily find your Audi service mechanic online. There are several websites from where you will get the details of mechanics all over the city. Check their location, compare prices, talk to them and book with the one you are comfortable. You can also check for some mobile apps as well to book your servicing.

Published by Zac Ferry