Breast augmentation surgeries have become extremely popular during the last decade. Breast augmentation also called augmentation mammoplasty is a type of surgical procedure which aims to increase the size, shape, and fullness of the breast. During this process, the surgeon places silicone or any other alternative composite breast implants under the breast tissue.
Many women still feel embarrassed to ask several questions but this can result in several issues once the surgery has been done. In order to be absolutely clear about a breast surgery, we have listed some questions which every woman needs to ask their surgeon before getting a breast augmentation done.
What are the different varieties of breast implants available?
It is very important to know the different varieties of breast implants which can be found in several shapes, sizes, and even materials. Saline breast implants filled with sterile saltwater, silicone breast implants filled up with silicone gel are some of the varieties that are available.
What is the durability of breast implants?
The breast implants are not designed to last forever. However the durability of both the saline as well as silicone is fairly long. According to some guidelines, the Breast implants should be removed or replaced as per the choice approximately every ten years.
Is the procedure painful?
Once the surgery is completed and the anesthesia wears off, the recovery period can have pain, swelling and bruising. However, once the recovery period is over, the implants do not hurt.
How to know the right size of an implant?
The right size depends on the body type as well as the desired breast size on the individual. Proper consultation should be done with a surgeon before finalizing the size.
Will new mothers be able to breastfeed after the breast surgery?
Almost all women are able to have successful breast feeding after their breast implantation surgery. However risks certainly remain about losing the ability to breastfeed. The women undergoing a breast augmentation should make it clear with their surgeon whether the implants materials can affect the quality of breast milk.
Is there are any cancer risk?
Almost all women are afraid of the risk factors that may be involved in relation to breast cancer. Thus everyone opting for breast surgeries must clear all their doubts in this regard. There are no direct links to be found between breast cancer and cancer breast implants. However textured implants have been seen to contribute in the development of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. 
Is there any chance of rupture of the implant and what are the consequences?
Yes, there is certainly a chance of the rupture of the implants. However the consequence depends on the type of implant. A saline implants deflates immediately making it clear to the individual about the damage. These implants are filled with saline water solutions which can be absorbed safety by the body. On the other hand rupture of Silicone implants can be difficult to notice, making it important to have an MRI done every two to three year to check for any damages.
What are the risk factors?
Every woman before going for a breast surgery should consult their doctor and find out all about the risks that might be involved.
Breast augmentation procedures are very common these days; however, this does not make it easier for women to clear all their doubts. Ask the right questions and clear all doubts to reduce anxiety and become practical.

Published by David Milsont