Moving is a process that consists of several crucial steps. First of all, you have to do all the necessary preparations as you move out of the old estate, make sure everything is in order and left in the way that will help you sleep well at night. The second step is the move itself, a process that takes several days and has several moving parts, from coordinating vans to making sure no stuff is damaged and nobody gets hurt. The third step is settling into the new household. However, the terrain needs to be prepared first and you have a responsibility to make sure the new dwelling is appropriately set up for your family. If you are not sure how to approach this undertaking, here are things everyone should do when moving into a new house.

As far as locks go

This is one of the most important things you should do once your family moves into a new house. After all, you can never be absolutely positive that nobody else has keys to your home. Changing the locks is the first step towards a safer household as you will ensure you and the other household members are the only ones who have access. With a $10 per lock and locksmith service of $30, you will not spend too much for a significant peace of mind. If you have the finances, you can even go with some hip and technologically refined home security.

As far as plumbing goes

Plumbing tends to deteriorate over decades of use, so it’s pivotal to hire a professional inspector or a repairman you’ve known for years to do a double check. Malfunctioning plumbing is an especially tricky thing due to the fact that it can be “concealed” for quite a while before the blotches become evident on the wall. This is usually the point of no return when significant renovations need to be planned. Do yourself a favor and stop any potential problems in their track by doing a thorough “scan” of plumbing in your new home.

As far as infestations go

You might think you are the first one who is moving into your new home since you’ve bought it, but there is a solid probability that a merry band of critters beat you to it. From insects like termites, roaches, ants and hornets to little critters such as mice, rats and even bats, the list of possible intruders is rather impressive. Thankfully, there are several do-it-yourself ways to get rid of them. Poison packets developed by various companies are a good option, although if you have pets, it might be more prudent to hire a professional. Furthermore, people tend to be repelled by snakes and spiders, which means they’ll often get rid of them in a bout of panic. Maybe you should think about it twice because these particular creatures can be potent and natural “pest control”.

As far as health goes

New homes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. If you have an allergic member of the family, it is crucial to check if there are problematic corners that should be cleaned thoroughly. However, dust is not the only issue; you should hire a company for asbestos testing in Sydney who can check if the place is ripe for a professional cleanup. Usually, the previous owners take all of their furniture along with them, but that’s not always the case. Make sure to throw out old and dusty furniture, especially rugs as they tend to be particularly problematic “dark zones”.

As far as closets go

People tend to react badly to dust even when they are not severely allergic. Closets and cabinets left behind by previous owners tend to be the biggest and the most relentless sources of dust and dirt. Put on a surgical mask (you can buy it at a local drugstore), take a vacuum cleaner, and clean the corners thoroughly before you start moving in.

You’ll have to go through a long process of cleaning before you can turn the new household into something that resembles and, more importantly, feels like home. Take the necessary precautions before you start the cleaning and hire professionals whenever you can. They will know how to dispose of dangerous materials.


Published by Emma Lawson