It seems everyone is up to something! Everyone’s out and about, engaged in their own passion projects.

Joy (and you might remember her from Things X LDR) came up with her own YouTube channel. Her channel, The Rough House, is dedicated to reviewing albums from artists and musicians that she loves. This is such a treat for me since Joy’s taste in music is absolutely superb and I, personally, value her music recommendations the most.

The Rough House GIF.gif

Interestingly, she mentioned that she’s planning to review one foreign artist’s album and two local ones (Go O.P.M.!) at a time. So for those who are interested in getting to know more about great local acts and interesting foreign ones, you can check out The Rough House here.

Meanwhile, Wina (you might also remember her from A Little Talk) posted her spoken poetry in her YouTube channel, Wina Wonders. What can I say? It’s totally blown me away! I absolutely love it and no words can truly express how much it moved me. My favorite so far, Short Movie, truly captivates me. I can just listen and watch it all day long. See it for yourself here.


I can't wait to see more from my two best friends. Hopefully, their work will inspire me to produce more of my own. :)


This was originally posted in my blog ( last September 19, 2016.

Published by Marz Llave