Over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented rise in information and discussions on cannabinoid, also known as CBD. A quick online search reveals endless pages carrying advice, pros and cons, as well as advertisements for various products boasting the unbeatable goodness of CBD oil. One fact that cannot be disputed is that CBD oil has gained popularity and there is a great deal of talk on its merits  and demerits, especially within the medical research circles.

Another fact is that there isn’t enough research to prove its total usefulness, just as there hasn’t been enough information to dispel it as a non-working solution. Notably, the US federal research unit National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) writes on its website that  CBD "may be useful in reducing pain and inflammation, controlling epileptic seizures and possibly even treating mental illnesses and addictions."

Elsewhere, a New England Journal of Medicine reported that CBD drastically reduced seizures in children from some form of epilepsy with up to 40%. The Journal, however, notes that some children showed no response at all to CBD oil treatment.

Evidently, there is so much back and forth on this substance. Here are some important highlights of things you must know about CBD oil.

Understanding CBD OIL

CBD oil refers to Cannabinoid oil. Cannabinoid is a compound found in the plant cannabis, which posses more than 100 cannabinoids. Perhaps the most popular of these cannabinoids is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the one that is responsible for the “high” from cannabis consumption. Those who are in support of CBD oil for mass use in the treatment of various diseases say that these products are extracted from a form of cannabis known as hemp, which has less than .3% of THC, thus, it doesn’t have the psychoactive ability to make patients or users high.

The Scientific argument about CBD oil.

The human body naturally produces endocannabinoid which assists in the neurotransmitter system. In simpler terms, they help in effective communication of the human nerves. It, therefore, goes that a further input of cannabinoid boosts the efficiency of the neurotransmitter system, particular in relation to the brain. Although not sufficient evidence and information is out there on this subject, this has been touted as the number one reason why CBD has immense medicinal value.

How do I know its genuine CBD Oils?

Again, as it is, there is no way end consumers can ascertain that the products are indeed certified or contains the “safe” amounts of CBD. In states where marijuana use is legal, such as Colorado, there is a legal provision that all pot products be tested before being released into the market. This makes it safer to source CBD oil from dealers in such states.

CBD oils come in all forms. From tablets to powder, balms, and liquids, they can all be found from various online vendors or brick n mortar stores. You can use diamondcbd.com coupon codes for a sure and safe purchase of CBD oils.

Will I go to jail for using CBD oil? Is it legal?

Well, this is a double-edged question and it mostly depends on where you are. If the CBD oil product you are using is extracted from a marijuana plant that is illegal wherever you are, then it makes the product entirely illegal. The surest way to stay out of illegality is to stick to CBD products made from industrial hemp. Although industrial hemp comes from cannabis, it is popular in several countries for its low levels of THC.

In the US, from a federal perspective, all types of marijuana are illegal. Nonetheless, several states including Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts among others have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Thus, using CBD should not be a big deal. By and large, it is a question of where you live. After all, online stores can deliver CBD oil to your doorsteps without much noise. It is important to note that international retailers such as Amazon, Whole Foods, and Target do not sell CBD products due to this gray area in its legality.

More research is needed

Proponents of CBD oil have given it so much acclaim that it has been referred to as the “miracle-cure” because of its alleged ability to calm down several diseases. Its effects nonetheless vary from person to person and can be used for conditions such as arthritis, conclusions, epilepsy inflammation among others. And yes, it CBD oil has some side effects.

There is room for experiment, analysis, and discussion of this subject.

The discussion has just started to take shape and with so much back and forth on this subject, we can only remain hopeful that enough scientific proof on the merits and demerits of CBD come to the fore. It is, nevertheless, commendable that a lot of groundwork has been taken place over the years, leading to the kind of information exchange we are currently experiencing. Importantly, be cautious how you obtain your CBD oil and seek as much information to help you settle on the appropriate products.

Published by Matthew Piggot