People often throw around the idea of the practice of meditation when times are stressful, busy, or simply out of focus- but actually committing to the idea and time it takes is usually a different story. Meditation truly is a great way to calm your mind, reenergize, and find a new center from which to become focused, and this article explains how this journey can begin from the comfort of your own home. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is commonly described by those in the know as an approach to training the mind. Just like you train your body, these techniques can influence a healthy sense of perspective through developed concentration, clarity, and a sense of calmness that influences positive emotions and energy. Regular practice of meditative techniques can lead to improved health both mentally and physically. 

There is no one way set in stone to meditate. It is a deeply personal practice and once you become comfortable with it can be done just about anywhere. Some people enjoy complete quiet and solitude, while others may use a natural oil diffuser or soft music. It may take time to find the perfect environment in which to build your experience, but you can get started with some of the following tips:


Meditation is commonly thought of using two different approaches. One is a concentration technique in which you focus on a single point to become focused and relaxed. You may focus on your breathing, a candle flame, a repetitive sound or anything else that you find easy to concentrate upon. If you find your mind wandering, you simply refocus back to your chosen point. 

The goal is to somewhat empty your mind, slow your breathing, and relax - and this may take time to get good at. Start with a few minutes at a time and work your way up to longer durations. 


The mindfulness approach can be used in conjunction with the concentration approach as you get better at these practices and more aware of your thoughts and emotions. This technique allows you to recognize the thoughts that arise in your mind as you relax. The goal is to recognize the thought, memory, emotion, etc, but not dwell on it and allow the next wave of thoughts to arise and pass. 

The goal of this is to allow your mind to be aware of events and feelings without judging them to help bring more mental balance to your life. Again, this takes time and if you find yourself focused for too long on any one memory or thought you can refocus yourself to a single point. 

Meditation Tips

There are many ways to get started with meditation at home. You want to find a way to get comfortable to start, such as lying on the floor, sitting on soft surface, or even investing in a meditation chair or mat. Also, limit your distractions if you can. Many people find that the best time of day is early morning or later at night after household members (especially children) are in bed. 

  • Close your eyes or get an eye mask to help close off light and limit your need to open your eyes. Cooling masks can be very comforting. 

  • Breathe naturally and allow it to settle and slow on its own. Don’t purposely try to slow your breathing. 

  • Start with 2 to 3 minutes of meditation at a time and try to work up to 20 minute intervals. 

  • Diffuse calming essential oils to allow your mind to recognize this time frame and influence peace.

Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

Meditation is often suggested to those suffering from depression, addiction, or stressful events in their lives, but it is a practice that can be used by anyone at any point in their lives. Even short bursts of mediation can lead to a healthier you, so it is well worth the effort to find a few minutes each day to practice. You don’t have to wait until you feel overwhelmed with your surroundings to start- rather, take a look at the many benefits it can lend to your daily routine below:

  • Deeper relaxation

  • Lower heart rate

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Lowers stress

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lowers anxiety

  • Less perspiration

  • Lower blood cortisol levels

  • Slower respiratory rate

  • Improved feelings of well-being


Meditation has long been hailed as a way to bring true balance to your life in many cultures. It is a practice that can easily be worked into even the busiest daily routines, and compliments other calming techniques such as yoga. It is a great way to help work through challenging life events and difficult decisions to bring a sense of calm and peace to the mind as well. It also works with exercise routines as a way to focus before an intense workout, or even calm your body and mind after strenuous activity. 


Published by Samantha Brown