The wedding is not just an ordinary day in one’s life. It is a special day in everyone’s life when he succeeds to get his/her true love. Many people have something special in their minds for their wedding day. In fact, the girls always think of the fairytale wedding. Well, those are lucky who find their true love and become the life partners. But what you have thought about your wedding? How will you make this special day even more special? What surprise have you planned for your bride/groom? Read the article and plan your wedding in a way to make your bride/groom feel like a princess/prince.


The wedding is a special occasion that usually comes once in life. You have to make your wedding special as it does not happen every day. So what you have planned? If you have not done the planning, then you have to do it even before months. Planning prior wedding makes it easy to arrange everything on time. Suppose you did not plan your wedding and when the day arrives you have failed to book your favorite place. So it is better to arrange everything before to avoid the hassle.

Things you should consider:

Now it is the time to discuss a few essential things you should think while planning your wedding:

  • First of all, you have to book the venue where the wedding is going to hold. The place where you will do the ceremony must be wide enough so that the guests could sit comfortably. Well, today there are marriage lawns and halls, so you just have to book them. But make sure that you have hired the wedding hall months before your wedding especially if there is a wedding season.
  • Next comes the menu at the wedding ceremony. Apparently, you have to offer food to the guests so make sure that you have arranged a meal according to the guests choice. It is better to select the combination of different dishes so that your guests could eat as per their choice. Do not forget the beverages in your wedding.
  • Another most important thing you should consider is the bride and groom’s dresses. The girls always dream of becoming a princess on their marriage. The day has arrived when you will be able to fulfill your dream. But it is only possible when you do everything on time. You should choose your dress on time and make sure that it fits you and suits you. You should not make s mistake of thinking that you will get a dress night before the wedding.
  • Conveyance is another essential thing you should consider. If you do not arrange transport how will you and your guests be able to arrive at the venue? It is pretty clear that the bride or groom will not reach the wedding hall in a cab. So book your dream car on time so that you could reach the venue.


Published by Kimberly Smith