First came the four wheeled vehicles and then people added trailers. Trailers evolved into different types such as caravan homes and box trailers to carry goods. If transporting goods is one of your requirements then you will find a box trailer to be perfect. There are choices. You can buy box trailers made of wood, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum and galvanised steel. If toughness and durability are important then the number one choice is galvanised steel since it lasts and can take heavy loads. Apart from transporting produce, the galvanised box trailer is widely used to transport household goods by people who are relocating every now and then, as an additional storage space for unused household items and also as a place to stretch out and sleep while on the road provided it is large enough.


You Buy or Rent Galvanised Box Trailers?  

Whether you buy a used or a new galvanised box trailer there are certain things you should know before investing your hard-earned money. From a distance, most box trailers look more or less the same, but when examined closely, you notice the differences.

  • One crucial part of the trailer is the frame. The frame may be made of steel tubing, either round or square, of channels made of pressed steel or simply mild steel angles. Square box tube frames are the best in terms of lightness, rigidity, strength and torsional flexibility capabilities.
  • Another critical aspect is the tongue length. The longer the tongue, the lesser the load on the ball. Besides, longer tongue lengths make it easy to steer your vehicle and back it.
  • The third part is the coupler. The coupler joins the galvanised box trailer to the main vehicle. Check it has adequate thickness. Quick release couplings are better.
  • There are sundry matters such as the axle, size of wheels and tyres and the loading weight capacity of the tyres, fenders and tail lights.
  • Galvanised box trailers are made of galvanised steel sheets, but there is a world of difference between cheap and good quality galvanised sheets. Durable and better quality GI sheets are thicker in gauge and have the zinc coating applied by a hot dip process instead of an electrolytic process that makes for a thicker coating. A well constructed galvanised box trailer will have extra support beams underneath and a chequered floor plate. The construction of the side body is welded, not bolted together. 

Rent or buy or rent and buy? 

For occasional use, there is nothing better than renting galvanised box trailers. You do not have to worry about that trailer taking up space in your backyard. However, if you use it on a regular basis then you may find that an outright purchase is better. In that case check the specifications and features such as side or rear opening doors, locking facilities and other features as outlined above. Also consider if you need to have braking ability in the trailer and invest in electro-hydraulic brakes with controllers for added safety.

Buying a new galvanised box trailer means investing the entire amount up front. It can be high for a new item. You can save some money by buying a used galvanised box trailer. You can pick the option of rent and buy, a method in which you pay nominal rent for a particular period after which you should return the trailer. Should you wish to keep it permanently you are offered the option of buying it. This system can get you tax benefit on the rental amount. Rentals have other advantages such as the option to pick a smaller sized 6x4 box trailer or a larger 8x5 trailer when you need it. 

Published by Zac Ferry