The future. It is a scary thought.

What will happen? Where will I be?  What do I hope it will be?

The future starts now, well technically it started a long time ago. If you think about it all your actions that you have previously done has set your path for your future, every action counts. That is scary. I do not regret any of my actions, I wouldn't be here today exactly as I am if it wasn't for my past and my decisions.

I would like to think that we do not have to focus on our future religiously otherwise we will become so anxious and worried that it won't have a positive effect. Instead we should be aware of it, aware of where you want to be, aware of where you are heading and embrace the events that occur along the way. I panic now and again about my future, 'omg I haven't saved enough for a house' 'I haven't built up enough experience for the career I want' ' what if I don't enjoy the career when I enter it'.

Sometimes I cannot even picture my future, sometimes it just appears black and blurred. I assume this is normal, rather than panic I just mentally block out the image of it. So rather than thinking to the future, I will focus on my short term goals, my short term future. Then I can feel in control of my actions and less likely to spiral into a world of panic. My short term future is where I want to be in exactly one year, I will look back on this blog and see if I have achieved that.

In one year I want to have passed my masters degree and gone into a decent and fulfilling career.

Fingers crossed for future me, whilst for present me, I best get my butt into action and start working towards that goal as my future starts today, after all our future is ours to create, we are in control of what we do and what we choose to become.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt