"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." ~ Einstein.

We tend to be tremendous over thinkers.

We focus on problems.  Worry ourselves silly.

We lay awake at night. Worrying what will go wrong. Re-living moments that went wrong in the past.

Will it rain? Won't it rain? 

What to do? 

Bills. Interest payments.

We spend very little time thinking of what went well in our day.

By changing our thinking patterns we can reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Changing the way we think changes the way we see the world.

Not always easy.

The inner voice we carry has a huge impact on us.

We are often unaware of what this inner voice is saying to us.

Stop and listen. Do you need to challenge that little voice?

What it is saying to you may not be true, or very fair.

It may be irrational or inaccurate.  Perhaps you should not believe everything you think?

What is your little voice telling you?

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Published by Kristy Hunt