Jesus was still sitting on the well at noon when the women turned up to draw water. The worship encounter always begins with “Give me a drink”.  Worship is to our spirit what water is to our body. If we don't worship with our spirit, we will try to find what our heart needs in “six husbands and a man”. Until you worship you always think that others or other things can make you whole or meet your needs.  This woman tried hard to satisfy her soul but the greatest need of a person is not to be held by a man or loved by people but to know and worship God. Jesus knew the broken hearted was looking for reality, love and value

We actually need to worship to be whole. Worshipping the true God puts the world and our lives in perspective. It heals our heart and brings sanity to our mind.   The true Savior Jesus, said “I must go through Samaria” because there was a woman who wanted and needed to truly worship.  He never saw her as dirty only thirsty,  so Jesus the Living well, offered her something He had in himself, the Water of Life. Jesus offered her "water" to drink because worship is not listening to words or watching a service but drinking Life. We don't watch a glass of water, we drink it

Friend,  worship does satisfy us but satisfaction is still not the object.  She drank the water then worshipped the Well.

Published by Jim Shaw