Henry Zia jumped into a cool colored electric car, which he built in collaboration with Xpeng Motors Technology Limited, and ordered "Green Day" pay "Gun". They started driving from the vehicle about traffic conditions. A 35-year-old Chinese automotive is the most senior car in the automotive who has not done a car, is not a factory owner and could not get a production license from the government. At least, not yet.

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In the four year initially Tech companies Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Founder Technology Group and Founder of Zia Work Corporation, Lee Jun. Xpeng is expected to invest more than $ 600 million this month, which separates investors from it, according to a person familiar with closing fund, $ 4 billion.

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Xpeng's first crossover test drive around a dramatic cement office park in Guangzhou, runs smoothly with bloody SUVV panoramic windshield and a sleek exterior like a Tesla. But it is sound control, music play, live video, driver tracking maps and other software that shows the company's auto-tech cookers' auto-news. Xpeng is making equal to a Smartphone with a steering wheel.

Zia has explained that the company named David's name: "We are going against Goliath," he said, hundreds of automators point out to drive electric vehicles in China, where the world's aviation sales Are done "It is no longer about a physical car, which can now be ready now," Zia says, "but about the construction of robots on wheels."

Expressions of Urdu (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper 2014) As China withdraws against the US against the transitional tariff, import duties on US manufactures have increased by 40 percent. But perhaps this big opportunity comes from China's minimal presence of Tesla Inc., to open the affordable, technical center electric vehicles for the local security opposition.

The third signed a preliminary agreement last week, when the Shanghai government built a fully owned automotive property of China's first car production facilities. Hope to start the production of the vehicle for two years is expected and every year 500,000 cars in China intend to take each year in three to three years.

It will not be easy: Students have been promised, just delay the plans. He will need to clean the government strictly and remove the permissions. With just 2.7 billion dollars of cash, Tesla must absorb that $ 10 billion will be costed to make the Bloomberg intelligence plant and it is not explained where the money will be received.

"Tysla is running out of time," says Jan Zain, director of LMM Automotive Shanghai. It has been estimated that American automakers sold more than 15,000 vehicles in China last year, in which only 3% of the battery was claimed to be a powerful market. Overall, 25 million cars were sold in China last year. Visit Here: https://www.kravelv.com/

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