You may have noticed that there is a Christmas theme to my latest posts. This is because Christmas is my favorite time of year and I LOVE a good Christmas story.

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Single mother Sabrina Gervais has built a happy life with her daughter Charlotte in their eastern Long Island hometown of Holly Point. Having Charlie meant putting some of her own dreams on hold, but Sabrina is content to surround herself with family and friends, safe from the realities of the outside world. She had enough of that when the man she loved broke her heart.

Jake Killen’s career in professional hockey has brought him many rewards on and off the ice, but returning to New York brings back a flood of memories. When he sees Sabrina again, he discovers that he didn’t just away from her ten years ago, but also from their unborn child.
Struggling with anger, guilt, and chemistry that’s off the chart, Sabrina and Jake wonder if they can find love again and, this Christmas, make all their wishes come true.

Christmas in New York *
Book 1: This Christmas by Jeannie Moon
Book 2: All I Want for Christmas by Jennifer Gracen
Book 3: A Light in the Window by Jolyse Barnett
Book 4: Goodness and Light by Patty Blount

*Each book can be read as a standalone


Jeannie Moon's writing tells a beautiful story and makes hours pass in what seems like 15 minutes of reading. I knew starting the book that it was short, but that didn't stop me from wanting more of Jake and Bree's story. I especially wanted to see Amanda and Marissa get what was coming to them. I can't believe a grown woman would make a 9 year old little girl cry.

Second chance romance. Christmas. A sexy hockey player who is a great dad. An adorable 9 year old tom-boy. What is not to love about Jeannie Moon's This Christmas? Nothing that's what.

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