A Year of Indiana History - 2016

December 8, 1859Newton County Formed

Newton County

Named for - Sargent John Newton

County seat - Kentland

Area - 403.44 sq mi

Elevation - 692 ft

Population (2010) - 14,244

Area code - 219

The Indiana General Assembly created Newton County, the last county formed in Indiana, on December 8, 1859, naming it after Revolutionary War soldier Sgt. John Newton.

Sergeant John Newton (1755–1780)

Historians know little of John Newton except that he was a Revolutionary War Soldier popularized by the stories of Parson Mason Locke Weems. According to a Georgia historical marker, Newton and Sergeant William Jasper followed a group of Americans that the British had taken prisoner. During a rest stop by a stream, the ten British guards allowed the prisoners to refresh themselves in the stream. They stacked the rifles nearby while they watched the prisoners. Newton and Jasper surprised the guards, killed two of them and took the rest prisoner, releasing the American prisoners. Jasper would die at the Siege of Savannah while Newton would be taken prisoner and die in captivity.

Major highways

Interstate 65

U.S. Route 24

U.S. Route 41

U.S. Route 52

Indiana State Road 10

Indiana State Road 14

Indiana State Road 16

Indiana State Road 55

Indiana State Road 71

Indiana State Road 114

Adjacent counties

Lake County (north)

Jasper County (east)

Benton County (south/EST Border)

Iroquois County, Illinois (west)

Kankakee County, Illinois (northwest)

Newton County

201 N 3rd St

Kentland, IN 47951

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Published by Paul Wonning