This is Acting? This is AWESOME. 

Sia. Buddy. Pal. Ilysm. (Text slang for I love you so much.) You never fail in my book. It doesn't matter if the song plays on the radio and others get annoyed (Previously ELASTIC HEART now CHEAP THRILLS), I still listen. You make up for my lack of Adele with your powerful vocals and simple piano melodies. You parallel the dance beats of my favourites. I'm going to skip over the artist intro because I believe you're a fairly well known creative mind. This is for you. 

--------------A CLEARLY BIASED but still authentic SONG REVIEW- -----------

2016 was your year. Just like every year you release an album. You always get to the top hits with ease. You know the game having written hits for other artists. Now it's your turn. Beginning with a title of This is Acting we get BIRD SET FREE. Side note: I honestly think I could pages on pages of just how much I appreciate how poetic and simple her song titles are. Such a breathe of fresh air. Anyway, BIRD SET FREE is a 4 minute song that reminds you of Sia's main artistic message: Be Yourself and you will achieve anything. Parallels with CHANDELIER and BIG GIRLS CRY. Next is Alive with a similar message but more of a fighting-Katy-Perry similarity (which really does make sense). The music video is absolutely adorable and conveys a spirit so alive. (GET IT). Third is ONE MILLION BULLETS. Initially, you may get a nostalgic 80's feel but then mid song, you're swept into this new world. I can't even begin to describe the images this song puts in my imagination. Just an adventure. Fourth is MOVE YOUR BODY, my second favourite song on the album. It just gets me moving. CHEAP THRILLS is the one everybody knows to have a dance beat but this song is next level. Just put on headphones. I know right?! The remix doesn't detract either. Just as good. UNSTOPPABLE is how I feel listening to this entire album like thanks, Sia. You're a real MVP. After CHEAP THRILLS, we have less known REAPER. It's so different. Sia's voice is raw. It's strong but not the focus. The whole song is so well balanced. You can get lost in the instruments and he voice equally. So unexpected for a song less than halfway through an album. I would have ended the album with this song. HOUSE ON FIRE is not as unexpected with a title as such but is so good in the car. This is a belter. Go ahead, no one's judging. 

Here, I'll join you: "I need you, I need you

Baby, I want to breathe you in


FOOTPRINT doesn't leave much of an imprint with me, tbh. (Text slang for to be honest.) A great song just sorta uneventful and expected. Now a song that absolutely leaves an impression? No. 10 SWEET DESIGN. Very experimental, I want more of this. What is it? Hip-hop? Techno? Give me more Sia!! Bringing it back to the classic Sia-sound, BROKEN GLASS plays next. My favourite song of Sia's before the album came out. I have yet to see the music video. Is there one out? I have a feeling it would be similar to ALIVE's music video. SPACE BETWEEN is the Adele-feels I was talking about earlier but yet nothing like Adele. Sia delivers. Enough said. Numbers and 13& 14 are alternatives, let's move to 15. CONFETTI. This was different. A touch of classic Sia with experimental breaks in tune and voice. I am satisfied with it. Her desperate need is translated here and I am grateful to be let into Sia's famously creative mind. This song will absolutely be in a movie soundtrack one day. MIDNIGHT DECISIONS and JESUS WEPT don't impress me too much. I'll let you be the judge on your own. YAY NOW MY FAVOURITE: THE GREATEST AKA THE GREATEST WHICH IS THE GREATEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM. (Did that make sense?) I love this song. It makes me feel uplifted without throwing me across the floor and steps on my toes just to get me moving. A perfect ending although a great beginning to each listener's own future. Well done. 

Overall this album has some perfect songs. Perfect as in capture's Sia's aesthetic and presence for a perfect translation through ear. However, there are just too many songs in my opinion. I've never listened to the entire album without skipping/ fast-forwarding. It doesn't keep me engaged the whole time because so many of the songs are just too similar with the same old inspirational message. Challenge me, Sia! A fantastic album with epic vocals but some rather important faults. 

3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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Happy February everyone. 

Published by Leela Hammond