For some reason, people think that loving yourself isn't needed anymore. But mostly, they think that it's selfish, that loving yourself is all about always putting others down and somehow, they always associate self-love with narcissism.

The main difference between narcissism and self-love is health. Narcissism has nothing healthy in itself. It's toxic to the person who suffers from it as well for all the people around them. But self-love, on the other hand, is the best thing that can happen to us.

That's when we become confident and we know that whatever happens, nothing will stand in our way of loving yourself. People don't believe me when I tell them that self-love can improve their health but what about if we look at it this way:

1. We Take Care of Yourself

The first thing that happens when we love yourself is that we start taking care of our body. We exercise regularly and we eat nourishing, balanced foods that bring us joy and happiness instead of bringing us down. We make the mistake of mourning in despair while drowning our sorrows in sweets, ice cream, and fizzy drinks. Although those are good sometimes, most of the time they don't bring anything good to our body, nor our mind.

2. We Feel at Peace

There are so many studies that show how much damage stress can actually cause to our body and mind. So why not live stress-free? Self-love doesn't mean that you automatically stop worrying about things but it does mean that our happiness doesn't depend on trivial things. We become worried about relationships and if a certain someone is going to notice us and we overthink when we call someone 'bro' but in the end, none of these things matter. Why? Because when we love ourself, we are enough.

3. We Say 'No'

That one little word we avoid like the plague can actually save our health one day. Remember all those times you didn't feel like leaving your house but you did because you felt too ashamed to turn down an invitation to a party? Well, how about you use that word more often? It's not selfish. It's putting your own needs as a priority. It's necessary for you to say 'no' sometimes, so you can have a mental health moment, all for yourself.

4.   We Let Go

When you truly love yourself, you start to realize how many times you have compared yourself to someone else and how many times you have stopped to hate on someone simply because they had something you didn't have. When you love yourself, you let go of jealousy and that is when your body gets fueled by the positive energy that makes you feel so freaking good about yourself. So let go of all those toxic thoughts and love yourself!

5. We Attract People who are Like Us

Not just that we attract people who practice self-love but we can see haters who want to bring us down and we can walk away from them in time. At one point, we all have been surrounded by people who were practicing self-love and those people inspired us. Just imagine going out with your friend who couldn't care less about gossip and all you two do is laugh about memes and get to know each other better.

6. We have Better Self-Control

Not to brag or anything but a person who truly loves themselves also has better control over their body. They won't fall victim to drugs and alcohol to the point where they won't know what happened the night before. And we all know that those are really things that don't benefit our body in any kind of way. Self-love makes you always pay attention to what you're putting into your body and how to handle temptation, even sexual tension.

So, I think that this is all reason enough to love yourself more. In my opinion, you shouldn't even search for a reason to be kinder to yourself. Just practice self-love and you will see the results.

Meta Description: The main difference between narcissism and self-love is health. Narcissism has nothing healthy in itself.

Published by will Ent