My heart is horrified. Petrified. Broken.

Our country is in turmoil.

Recent events are escalating and I am fearful for, not my own life, but the safety and healing of my African-American brothers and sisters. I am fearful of the road our country is sprinting down. We are chasing after war.

The people are turning on the government. We have seen what some are willing to do to protest in favor of judgment. Countless lives have been lost, whether civilian or police. In the name of what?





We are a nation slaughtering our own people. We are no longer only at war with foreign terrorists. We have become our own terrorists. Police incite fear because they are afraid. Civilians protest because they are fearful of their lives. We are people full of terror and now war is knocking on our door. It is not international. It is not a war of the word. Rather, it is a war that we have seen play out before...It is a civil war.

My heart is so broken over this. We are looking for answers. We are searching for solutions. I guarantee you that our solutions will not solve but rather, they will only serve to perpetuate political , social, and personal agendas. Those agendas are full of violence as the only answer.

Better police won't save us

Gun control will not put an end to this 

We don't need a new president

We don't need a stronger government

Equality will not calm

Tolerance is a foreign term

Legislation won't fix hearts

Only the mighty, all-consuming, powerful love of Jesus Christ can rescue us from our sinful ways. 

Oh, that God would remove the film from our eyes so that we would see the deprivation of our selfish and prideful acts. We are a people who have turned their backs on a loving God. We are a people who have turned to our sin and now blood is being shed. We have all turned and gone astray.

We kill in the name of protection.

We kill in the name of peace.

We kill in the name of our rights.

How we have strayed from the truth! Jesus never killed but was rather killed on the behalf of those who hated him! Stop praying that God would bless America and begin praying that God would rescue the souls of people. When you're done praying, get into your community and be the change! We must be the voice of love, peace, and of God. We must act.

Black lives matter.

Asian lives matter.

Caucasian lives matter.


We were all made in the inherent image of God. We all have value and worth. Stop the killing. Put down your weapons. Put down your signs. Put away your hatred. Put away your racism. Repent and return to the Lord. This is not how the world should be! There should be no bloodshed on this field for we are all the same. We are all on level playing field. Jesus loves all no matter the ethnicity, background, life choices, etc...

We cannot save ourselves.

Return to the Lord.

God help us all. Change our hearts.

Published by Matthew Malin