If you’re clearing out your closet or desk and find an expired KFC coupon in your pocket or drawer, hold on to it. Someday, you may be able to use it; a KFC outlet in North Carolina just accepted a coupon which expired in 1986.

$6 Off A Chicken Meal

Paul Boyd received coupon from KFC in 1986w which entitled him to a three piece meal for $2.59 on any Tuesday at participating locations. The coupon expired on December 31st, 1986.


Boyd chose not to use the coupon, but instead stored it in his wallet for thirty years. On the coupon’s thirtieth, birthday, however, he decided to try his luck.

He gave the manager at a KFC outlet his coupon and was given a three piece chicken meal for  $2.59, “We’re always going to honor any (KFC) coupon that comes across our path,” Assistant Manager Paul Platt explained to the McDowell News.


Doesn’t this inspire you to indulge in a bit of spring cleaning?


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