Since birth, we have been taught to celebrate new year, to enjoy the beginning of a new event, it could be a birthday party, a celebration of a new job/ promotion to the higher one, or jubilation of something which is NEW. 

Since the very beginnings, we have been enjoying the new events, just like our parents have enjoyed our event when we came in this world.  But Still, have you ever thought what is "New" in this world?

 Have you ever wondered why people celebrate New Year, or their new job or success?

What’s the magic “new” hold in it?

All days are just alike, sun rises from the east and set from the west.

It keeps on happening from the centuries. Ages have past and things are just alike, then what is the “new” thing which has overshadowed everything in his hype?

Why is that?

If you go down the roads now, you will see people giving each other new year blessings, or telling people the stories of what they have done in the New Year’s Eve. There's no big deal if you found yourself in one-such-celebration news. But is that even matter?

Not much, right?

 Then why everyone around the globe is so engrossed with it now? Even i have no sayings about such event. But yes, there’s something I can do. I can facilitate you in exploring the mystery of “NEW”. The Mystery which repeats itself but still called NEW.


The Mystery of "NEW"

New is the power, New is the energy and new is the fuel we crave for.

We humans, no matter of what age or location, lives a pretty customary life. We do things in a nutshell. And until or unless you are a hard-core rebellion, you are bound to have a life which revolves around three places, your office,  your home and a few weird friends. It's a life with a routine, a life with a schedule and a life where time is predetermined for everything in advance.

In such boring or sedentary life, we often found ourselves in a cage, in a place, where we cannot think freely, where we just have to do what we do for a living and just live with it.

 It’s a place without magic, because you are bound, and not free to do things.

Now, when a NEW year or a NEW event came, it fills us with energy and power, it gives us the fuel which we badly needed, and thus we tend to love it.

NEW YEAR, is also one such proven instance of high spirits, motivated minds and inspired people. It’s the time which encourage us to grow from where we are and march ahead for what we hoped for.  It’s the period which make you believes that you haven’t lost it all, that you still have a golden chance to win.

No matter what you do or where you go, keep the “New” in you.

Make every day of your life, a new day with new approach and mindsets and the time will come when you will become invincible.

Keep the fire within you, and try to reach out to your stars, however little it may be, just not stop. Because if you keep on walking towards your destination, no matter how much trouble comes, you will reach there. 

Keep on trying, Keep Being New.

Because this time, the New is YOU.

Published by Nikhil Shrivastava