Spring colours 2016

You may wonder who chooses these colours and how and why.

Each season, seems to be a key colour or a set of key colours, who chooses them and how?  Well Pantone does and often around 2 years in advance.


In 2017 "Thrive" is supposed to be a key colour, a yellow influenced green (sounds terrible to me).  Lets have a look a the actual colour itself though.

Hmm I don't like it much, though I am sure I will wear it in 2017 like most of us will.  On second thought, I can imagine though a thrive coloured silk shirt with dark denim would work well......see, now it's actually growing on me, I can see myself wearing this.

Serenity and rose quartz are the colour of this year.... I like those.  However I'm not much of a pastels girl (I have flaming red curls and am very pale).  Dark colours are best on me and exactly what I am used to.

Here are some clothing sets I have pulled together to showcase this season's colours.


CMG, (Colour Management Group) is a non-profit organisation that helps pick and predict colors for a variety of products. CMG members (color design professionals including officials from Pantone) gather throughout the year in a series of workshops around the world to discuss the future and what color it’s going to be.

Participants come armed with PowerPoints, swatches, test cards and other materials to present their stories about their proposed color choices.


So that is how it's done!








Published by Susan Crowe