Summer is here, and with warm weather and the odd heat wave just around the corner, there are almost too many great new styles to explore and remix. When it comes to fashion, the possibilities are endless. In 2017, when it's hackneyed to say that the Internet has made it easier and more affordable than ever to keep up with the hottest street style trends – whether you live in a city or the middle of nowhere. But sometimes, we simply forget to take advantage of these life-changing advancements.

Of the many fashionable lines of urban garb available – from Stüssy to Yeezy – the latest Jordan Craig clothes do not fall short of being aggressively influential; not only do they have an excellent variety of items – everything from jeans and hoodies to t-shirts and jackets and biker shorts – they cannot help but set trends. Notice the resurgence of shredded denim as you walk down the streets of your city? For that, you can thank Jordan Craig.

Since their founding nearly thirty years ago, Jordan Craig provided the world with high-end streetwear that, unlike other labels, remains affordable for pretty much any buyer with a sleek sartorial sensibility. Urban fashion and "streetwear" has, of course, changed over the years, experiencing several evolutions, all of which have placed it in a liminal space. While the style remains popular in hip-hop scenes large and small, it's also entirely mainstream, if not bourgeois, giving it a malleable sensibility that is liable to morph at any moment. Nevertheless, Jordan Craig is one of the few brands that prides itself in being able to anticipate trends and seamlessly move from style to style. It's undeniable that Jordan Craig will continue to lead the trends in streetwear for quite some time.

It’s a privilege to stay on top of the latest trends, but doing so is definitely a rich and varied project. No doubt, street fashion scenes vary from city to city. But that's no reason to fret; if street fashion is your passion, there are many resources – a whole blogosphere's worth – that you can seek ought for the latest tips and tricks, in addition to hot deals.

In fact, the sheer amount of clothing that's out there is what allows for such speedy innovations. Wherever you may find yourself, it’s undeniable that streetwear is becoming ever more influenced by distinct nexus of high fashion (from Paris to London and beyond), contrary to the negative flack it may receive about being "lowbrow" and homogenous; a quick Google search can easily educate the uninitiated.

In any case, shopping – and even researching – from the comfort of your home for the latest trends is one of life's many joys. But it's also one of the few joys that guarantees competitive prices and the best selection of hard-to-find items. If you want to keep up with the latest Toronto fashions, you ought to find a nice air-conditioned space and cozy up to your laptop this summer.

Published by Evan Javier